IKA Rotary evaporators for excellent distilling results

Rotary Evaporators

Distillation has never been more easy and intelligent

Distillation is one of the most critical functions in the laboratory. Irrespective of whether an experiment is conducted for academic, pharma, chemical, or other industries, distillation is central to most applications. For a successful distillation, the laboratory requires an effective rotary evaporator with modular design and highest precision at best.

IKA rotary evaporators have set new standards for safety, efficiency, and ease of use. With a wide range of products in the offering, the RV series fits in perfectly with your laboratory setup. These rotary evaporators offer excellent and highly advanced distilling solutions to provide an enhanced user experience.

IKA Advantages

  • Best-in-class cooling surface of 1500 cm² with the option to upgrade up to 3000 cm² allows for a particularly fast distilling process
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • State-of-the-art safety features to protect sample and user
  • Patented volume-controlled distillation for especially accurate results
  • Automatic boiling point detection - simply switch on the device and press start

Multiple solutions for different lab requirements

RV 3 series - our starter models

These entry-level rotary evaporators are perfectly suited for diverse activities in R&D, quality assurance and laboratories in the academic, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Despite being an entry-level model, this feature-rich product includes a new 4L heating bath with a digital temperature display and ergonomic handles. The single-handed manual lift with adjustable immersion angle facilitates precise positioning of the glassware. RV 3 also incorporates advanced safety features.

IKA RV 3 - entry-level rotary evaporator
IKA RV 8 - semi-automated rotary evaporator
RV 8 series - semi-automated models for standard evaporating applications

The RV 8 rotary evaporator comes equipped with an easy to use semi-automatic lift with integrated safety ”lift-out function“ and is ideal for all standard evaporating applications. Digital displays for both rotation speed and heating bath temperature allow for optimal controlling of all distillation processes. The RV 8 provides a user-friendly operation and distills solvents accurately with precise results.

RV 10 series - the digital and most automated models for demanding and frequent distilling

The advanced RV 10 digital and RV 10 auto rotary evaporators are best-in-class devices with standout features such as digital display, state-of-the-art safety features, and digital connectivity. The automated lift-out of the evaporation flask in case of a power outage, individually adjustable safety temperature circuit along with a dry run protection ensure the highest standard of safety. The patented volume-controlled distillation is particularly user-friendly and and accurate. Both models offer RS 232 and RS 232 / USB interfaces respectively for using the laboratory software labworldsoft® and for online firmware updates. In addition to the drive and heating bath, the scope of delivery of the auto pro model also includes the VACSTAR digital vacuum pump.

IKA RV 10 - most automated rotary evaporator

About the glassware

The right glassware is essential for optimum distilling results. That's why our vertical glassware provides a particularly high cooling efficiency with a best-in-class cooling surface of 1500 cm². Its special design with three layers of cooling coil ensures highly effective recondensing of the distillate. Since fume hood space is limited and at the same time expensive, we additionally offer coated glassware that can be operated under vacuum. The shatter protection provided by the coating also protects the user outside the fume hood.

To give users the best possible flexibility, we've structured our glassware portfolio in a way that it basically fits to every IKA RV model. Moreover, dry ice condensers, diagonal condensers as well as vertical-intensive condensers with or without manifold and cut-off valve for reflux distillation are available for special applications.

IKA rotary evaporator glassware for good distilling results

Our RV packages

Each of the below mentioned packages includes a rotary evaporator as well as different accessories and consumables. The abbreviations V, V-C, FLEX and Dry Ice indicate what kind of glassware is included with the package.

V: vertical glassware
V-C: vertical coated glassware with special plastic coating for enhanced safety of the users
FLEX: no glassware included. You select the most suitable glassware for your application
Dry Ice Condenser: vertical glassware for distilling low-boiling solvents by using dry ice
Dry Ice Condensor, coated: vertical coated glassware for distilling low-boiling solvents by using dry ice

Everything from a single source - vacuum and temperature control solutions

Depending on your application a cooling and vacuum source is required to get everything out of your distillation. With powerful recirculating chillers or vacuum pumps from IKA you are able to set up a well coordinated system that is as a whole conveniently controlable through the laboratory software labworldsoft® 6. The following example shows a complete system with three RV 8 V.

IKA rotary evaporator complete system
RV 8 V complete system
  • 3x RV 8 V Rotary evaporator
  • 3x RV 8.3 Stand pole
  • 3x VC 10 Vacuum controller
  • 3x VC 10.300 Check valve
  • 1x MVP 10 basic Vacuum pump
  • 1x VSS 1 Vacuum safety set
  • 1x RC 5 basic Recirculating chiller
  • 3x RV 10.5005 Set of hoses
  • 3x Y- hose connectors, 8 mm

Typical applications

Our product portfolio is ideally oriented towards distilling processes in the following fields of application
  • Solvent recovery
  • Solvent purification
  • Evaporation of suspensions, extracts and solutions
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Crystallisation processes
  • Powder drying