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Labworldsoft® 6 Starter
Preço R$ 65.533,00
Preço R$ 65.533,00
Nº Ident.: 0020019397
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IKA Agitadores de hélice
Labworldsoft® 6 Starter
Preço R$ 65.533,00
Preço R$ 65.533,00
Nº Ident.: 0020019397
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Labworldsoft® 6 Starter

labworldsoft is a laboratory software to control lab devices, automate processes, and to document your measurements and results. The software provides access to a huge library of different laboratory devices. labworldsoft does not integrate only IKA laboratory devices, but supports several other devices from different manufacturers as well. You stay flexible in the choice of your lab devices you want to use and profit from the whole device range of the laboratory world.
The communication between PC and lab device can be realized over different communication interfaces like RS232, USB, Bluetooth or network.
labworldsoft allows an easy recording of various physical parameters like torque, temperature, speed and pH-value, etc.. For better analyzation and documentation, those values can be displayed in different ways. For example in a y/t-diagram.

One Software. Unlimited Possibilities.
The amount of applications, set ups and processes where laboratory devices are used is unlimited.
Through its flexibility and the huge device library, labworldsoft has a solution for every problem. You can create different configurations for different applications. You do not need any other software, for your daily work in your laboratory. The entire Laboratory world in one software. That is Labworldsoft.

No other laboratory software in the world is out of the box compatible with such a huge range of different lab devices as labworldsoft. More than 300 lab devices from more than 40 manufacturers are already implemented in labworldsoft or will be part of labworldsoft in the future. Are you missing one of your devices in our device library? No problem! If your device has a communication interface, we can integrate it anytime.

Through the large amount of different function modules, you can realize any configuration for your laboratory setups. The interaction between the various function modules and the lab devices allows the highest possible dynamic and flexibility for permanently changing requirements in the daily work in the laboratory world. For instance, you can control your processes time based or event based.

Using function modules, you can create time triggered or event triggered configurations for your laboratory processes. You can connect your lab devices using logical functions to build a more complex system. In this way, you can realize automated running processes.

labworldsoft enables users to a quickly record many physical parameters that are required in the laboratory, such as pH, conductivity, temperature, torque, weight, flow rates, etc.. For documentation purposes, all measuring results as well as the measurement flowcharts can be printed or plotted according to GLP, ISO and QA.
Data acquired in labworldsoft can be exported into standard applications. For example, it is possible to measure the speed during a test, save the resultant data in a standard format (.txt or ASCII) and then analyze in any chart calculation, i.e. Excel.
Supported formats:
  • .csv
  • .xslx
  • ASCII (labworldsoft 5 data format)

Do your test arrangements repeat themselves? With labworldsoft, all test arrangements can be stored. The stored data is available to reproduce the test, with a mouse click. The reproducibility of tests is warranted within the scope of ISO 9000 and within GLP.

labworldsoft shall make your daily work easier. Therefore, we want to support you in any cases. Are you missing a device in our library? We can implement it for you. Are you facing problems to create your configuration in labworldsoft? We will help you – even at your site.

Hard- and Software Requirements
Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit operating system) with at least 8 GB RAM and 10 GB free hard disk space. For some devices, it is necessary to install a specific driver. For special purposes, it is possible to use adapters to provide different communication interfaces on your PC.
For technical support, please use our European service hotline at +49-7633-831-0 or send an email to [email protected]

License Types
labworldsoft 6 Pro:
You have access to all functions and devices integrated in labworldsoft.

labworldsoft 6 Starter
You can choose 3 device type series, you like to work with, from the device library. The number of devices on the workspace is limited to 3.

After activation of the software you can use labworldsoft 6 continuously. You can install and benefit from updates for 1 year. If you want to work with further updates after 1 year, you need to extend your license by updating it.

labworldsoft 6 Pro Update
From activation on, you can use further updates for another 1 year.
Price: 20 % of the regular price for a labworldsoft 6 Pro license.

labworldsoft 6 Starter Update
From activation on, you can use further updates for another 1 year.
Price: 20 % of the regular price for a labworldsoft 6 Starter license.

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