Firmware Update

Keep your device up-to-to-date with the IKA Firmware update tool.

The firmware of specific IKA devices can be updated. Based on the existing hardware this update ability gives IKA the possibility to add new features, or improve the integrated functionality.

The firmware update can be done with a computer connected through USB-Interface.

Please note that the previous version could cause problems when logging in. Please use the updated version: FWUToolSetup.exe.

For our customers this service is free of charge and offers the following advantages:

  • Newest firmware for your device
  • New integrated features
  • Improved functionality

After registering your device IKA will inform you about available updates for your devices. Please register here. Please note that the Firmware Update Tool for the C 6000 calorimeter can only be used with firmware version 3.01.7a or above. If you have a previous version installed, please contact service@ika.de immediately.

These IKA devices can be updated through the Firmware update tool:
C 1
C 1 Package 1/10
C 6000 global standards Package 1/10
C 6000 global standards Package 1/12
C 6000 global standards Package 2/10
C 6000 global standards Package 2/12
C 6000 isoperibol Package 1/10
C 6000 isoperibol Package 1/12
C 6000 isoperibol Package 2/10
C 6000 isoperibol Package 2/12
C-MAG HS 7 control
EUROSTAR 100 control
EUROSTAR 20 high speed control
EUROSTAR 200 control
EUROSTAR 200 control P4
EUROSTAR 60 control
ElectraSyn 2.0 Package
ElectraSyn 2.0 pro Package
HBC 10 basic
HBC 10 control
HBC 5 basic
HBC 5 control
HBR 4 control
HS 501 digital
IC basic
IC basic pro 12 c
IC control
IC control pro 12 c
IC control pro 20 c
ICC basic
ICC basic eco 18
ICC basic eco 18 c
ICC basic eco 8
ICC basic eco 8 c
ICC basic pro 12
ICC basic pro 12 c
ICC basic pro 20
ICC basic pro 20 c
ICC basic pro 9
ICC basic pro 9 c
ICC control
ICC control eco 18
ICC control eco 18 c
ICC control eco 8
ICC control eco 8 c
ICC control pro 12
ICC control pro 12 c
ICC control pro 20
ICC control pro 20 c
ICC control pro 9
ICC control pro 9 c
IKA Plate (RCT digital)
KS 501 digital
LR 1000 basic Package
LR 1000 control Package
Midi MR 1 digital
RC 2 basic
RC 2 control
RET control-visc
RET control-visc white
RV 10 auto FLEX
RV 10 auto V
RV 10 auto V-C
RV 10 auto pro FLEX
RV 10 auto pro V
RV 10 auto pro V-C
VC 10 Vacuum controller