Flash of inspiration in the shaft tunnel - IKA launches the new video for UTTD control

Where do revolutionary product ideas actually come about? The new product video for the ULTRA TURRAX Tube Drive control® (UTTD control) from IKA provides an answer: through inspiration from nature.

Only after the stressed designer leaves the office and his demanding boss for a spontaneous surfing trip is his creativity unleashed. The flash of inspiration for the single drive unit comes to him in the 'tube' – the tunnel that a breaking wave forms. This dream of all surfers has much in common with the operating principle of the UTTD control: High speed, swirling masses of water – and a perfect result for all who master the process.

This 5-minute film from IKA also plays with the limits of dreams and reality, contrasting technique and feeling. It amusingly conveys the basic idea and provides detailed product information.

The IKA UTTD® control system is a unique, patented and universal, single-use dispersion system with hermetically sealed sample vessels. The system can be used to safely process infectious, toxic or odoriferous samples. This system also affords defined test conditions, which means that tests can be reproduced at any time. The innovative IKA tubes disperse, stir and crush sample material. Any cross-contamination between individual samples is completely removed by the single-use tubes, as is the risk of being exposed to highly infectious or toxic samples. With the control versionof this device, mixing and crushing can be optimised by switching on the turbo and reverse rotation functions.

The device was distinguished in 2012 with the red dot design award: product design 2012.