New Product Video: Powerful, precise, targeted energy input for all types of samples – the new IKA dispersion systems

“Turraxing” is a term used throughout the world for the emulsification, suspension and homogenization of samples. It is derived from the ULTRA-TURRAX, the IKA dispersion system that has now become a classic

The Staufen-based, family-run company introduced the concept of dispersion using the rotor/stator principle back in 1950. Since then, this concept has been widely utilized in many different versions in laboratories and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. April saw the launch of the new generation of dispersion systems, the T series batch dispersers. The T 10 basic, T 18 digital, T 25 digital and T 50 digital models feature enhancements in terms of both technology and functionality. These units can process volumes ranging from 0.5 ml to 50,000 ml (H2O). The T 18 digital, T 25 digital and T 50 models now have a digital display screen as well. In addition, their high-performance motors ensure maximum speed stability.

With speeds up to 30,000 rpm, even small diameter rotors can achieve high circumferential velocities – a prerequisite for optimal product quality and stability. The end result: a powerful, precise, targeted energy input into the sample.

The new product video also alludes to the power of the rotor-stator principle. In an engaging, vivid manner, the video draws a clear parallel between the power of rotor-stator technology and the the fighting techniques used by Chinese monks. These monks too gain the energy to strike powerful blows from the breathtakingly masterful rotation of their bodies.

A unique feature of IKA dispersion systems is the range of tools available, enabling virtually any type of sample to be processed, even highly viscose and/or extremely fibrous substances. A quick-release coupling system allows the dispersion tools to be changed quickly and easily.

A further distinctive feature is the extensive range of dispersion units: from laboratory systems and pilot plants to industrial-scale units. This scalable variety enables a seamless transition from product development to mass production. The dispersion systems are thus not only used in research and analysis laboratories, but also by pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and dye manufacturers.

As with any technology, IKA also pays careful attention to product design. This recently impressed the red dot design award judges, who selected the T 10 basic and T 25 digital for the “red dot design award: product design 2012”.


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