First impressions ElectraSyn 2.0

Luisalberto Gonzalez
The Moeller Research Group
Washington University in St. Louis

„The viability of most new electrochemical methods can be probed with the use of almost any power supply that will pass current through a flask or vial.

However, once a method is discovered, the optimization and exploration of that method benefits greatly from the use of a power supply that can pass well-defined currents through a cell or operate at well-defined potentials in a predictable and reliable fashion.

Over the past 20 or more years, the field of electroorganic chemistry has been hampered by the lack of a readily available, simple to use power supply that can meet these needs. The collaborative effort between Phil Baran and IKA has addressed this gap in our capabilities with the development of a versatile electrochemical work station that enables synthetic chemists to conduct any of the experiments typically needed.

The timely development of this elegant technology should greatly aid in the drive to realize the array of new opportunities that electrochemistry can provide for modern synthetic chemistry.“

Sophia Robinson
Matt Sigman Lab
The University of Utah

„In short, I love it and think this is such an important product for making electroorganic synthesis more accessible and appealing to organic chemists!

As someone working to start an electrocatalysis program in an organic lab, I have experienced the massive barrier to getting all of the instrumentation necessary to even get started and this will certainly make it easier.

Additionally, it is quite inefficient for a student when she has a limited number of stir plates and the number of stir plates available for ligand and substrate synthesis are reduced due to use for electrocatalysis. Of course it is also convenient to be able to input the parameters for the experiment directly into instrument and not require a dedicated potentiostat computer. Screening is also slower for me doing electrocatalysis as a consequence of limited instrumentation so I'm very excited for the 6-carousel adapter!“

David Hickey
Shelley Minteer Group
The University of Utah

„My net impression of the ElectraSyn is extremely positive! I am a big fan of the assist mode to help calculate the duration and applied current for a reaction based on the cell resistance. In addition, the experiment in-progress screen provides the perfect mixture of relevant information (applied current, active potential, estimated time remaining and charge remaining) in one convenient display!

The magnetized electrode leads and standardized cell design simultaneously eliminate the need for alligator clamps and allow for precise, reproducible electrode placement. Perhaps the most useful design aspect of the instrument is its compact size, which is small enough to fit into most standard glove box antichambers. This is coupled with a wifi/Bluetooth data export that eliminates the need for running additional chords through the glove box.

The ElectraSyn will certainly be a staple for me as I transition into my own independent academic career.“

SR. Daniel Little, pictured with student Marco Lam
Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)

„…it will eclipse all others!“ (Sent on 08/21, day of the solar eclipse 2017)

Professor Tiansheng Mei
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences

„I have already become a "fan" of the ElectraSyn. "Simple, Standard and Available" would be three major features of the product. First, this product make the set-up (electrochemistry) so easy and everyone would love to run the elecrochemistry reaction and operate a CV experiment. Second, with standard reaction parameters, the reactions could be reproduced easily. Finally, the product is available for everyone. Thanks to you and IKA!“

Professor Dr. Siegfried Waldvogel
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Institute of Organic Chemistry

“Prof. Baran and IKA developed a kind of Swiss army knife for the synthetically oriented electrochemist. This appliance is intuitively to use and has all necessary functions to enter this field in an efficient manner. Since it offers the option to operate by constant potential or constant current, as well as the electroanalytical features for reasonable costs, this tool extremely valuable. If you work with it, you definitely experience that it was fruitfully co-designed by professionals and synthetic chemists. A great appliance that will propel this field.”

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