IKA Customizing Center

IKA magnetic stirrer can be adjusted in specific respects to suit your needs. For example software modifications can be made changes to the copy of the support rod or casing. Please contact us if a modified IKA magnetic stirrer is relevant to you.
The following provides an overview of modifications that have already been realized by technicians:

Midi MR 1 digital

This special version of the Midi MR 1 digital meets IP 42 protection rating, due to the additional silicone seal on the housing.
Maxi MR 1 digial

The housing floor, like the upper section, is made from stainless steel.
KMO 2 basic

The magnet unit is replaced by a rare-earth magnet in order to create stronger adhesion.
RET cv

The maximum temperature that can be set has been adjusted to 180°C through the software.
KS 130 control

The KS 130 control shaker was converted to a control magnetic stirrer. It is therefore comparable to a MIDI MR1, with additional control functions such as an RS232 interface.
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