Sample anthracite
Device C 6000 global standards Package 1/10 (10004520) / Calorimeters
C 6000 global standards Package 1/12 (10004521) / Calorimeters
C 6000 global standards Package 2/10 (10004522) / Calorimeters
C 6000 global standards Package 2/12 (10004523) / Calorimeters
Tool C 12 A Combustion bags 70 x 40 mm (2201500)
Result 28880 J/g
Sample preperation none
Amount 0,7 g
Measuring principle adiabatic
Test procedure - Preparing and weighting the sample
- Filling the samle into the crucible
- Putting the decomposition aid to the sample
- Putting the crucible into the prepared decomposition vessel
- Closing the decomposition vessel
- Putting the decomposition vessel into the calorimeter
- Starting the detemination of the calorific value
Similar samples energy coke coal combustion barbecue burning combustible fuel char charcoal brown coal anthracite briquet power plant power station

The applications shown in this list are in principle valid for all calorimeters.

But it is important to adhere to the fact that if the samples contain chlorine, a special decomposition vessel (C 5012 / C 7012) is recommended.

This vessel provides high resistance against acids and chlorine containing samples, as well as another additional very advantageous feature.
It provides a unique catalytic activated inner surface that strongly improves the recovery rate on halogens and sulfur, if further analysis of them is required.

This vessel is available in a special package for every calorimeter.
By choosing the filter "halogen resistant" in the general calorimeter overview these Packages can be filtered out specifically.

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