Phil Baran presenting The Race, Take 2

// A race against time to reach an OLEFIN. Who is faster „Cowboy“ or „Samurai“?
San Diego, USA – It’s a unique sequel of the IKA produced film „The Race“: World renowned scientist, Phil Baran produced The Race 2 in his laboratory at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.
Introducing „The Race“ at the beginning of the year, IKA surprised the scientific community: Professors of Chemistry, Phil Baran (MacArthur Fellow 2013) and Jin-Quan Yu (MacArthur Fellow 2016) took to a car race. Now, Phil Baran surprised the scientific community with his own sequel: „Cowboy“ aka Phil Baran vs. „Samurai“ aka Yuzuru Kanda, from the University of Tokyo and Funai Overseas Scholar – compete to reach an OLEFIN. Who is quicker?
Find out for yourselves and enjoy „The Race, Take 2“: