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IKA rotary evaporator used in class project in Germany


#edu-IKA-tion: “The project was initiated by our bio-technology teacher of the Biotechnology Gymnasium in Loerrach, Germany. The goal was to build our own alcohol fermenter. It was a class project and as a class, we were responsible from planning to organization to procuring all required tools and materials. Since we did not have any financial means, we were reliant on help from others. IKA is one of the largest companies in the field of laboratory technology and we were hoping that such a renowned organization would help students with products. We actually only needed a distilling apparatus, but in return received a rotary evaporator – it totally blew us away.” Mathilde Plank, Biotechnologisches Gymnasium, Loerrach, Germany


“As you can see, we posed for a group photo with the rotary evaporator. We put grape juice and yeast in a fermenting vessel and let it brew. Using the fermented product, we were able to distill pure ethanol with the help of the rotary evaporator; which we were able to verify with an ethanol fuel cell.” Luka Kostic, Biotechnologisches Gymnasium, Loerrach, Germany