Test the proven mixing technology for high viscous products now

The new designed IKA continuous kneading machine CONTERNA is permanently available for our customers for testing purposes

On the pilot machine CONTERNA HKC 6/2.0 applications of our customers are now being tested with great success in IKA’s pilot plant for. Thanks to a new design of the machine and the equipment of the pilot plant, it has become possible to test the processing of products with a wider viscosity range and at higher temperatures.

The IKA continuous kneading and extrusion machine CONTERNA was developed for the processing of high viscous products such as plastic compounds with a high percentage of filler. In the plastics, food and chemical industries it is used for the production of rubber and plastics, masterbatches, adhesives, sealing compounds, rubber and other products.

The compactly designed CONTERNA consists of a chamber block with normally six kneading chambers. Depending on the task the number of chambers can be reduced or increased. The product is discharged from the last kneading chamber either through a discharge nozzle, a flange mounted gear pump or a flanged discharge extruder. Via feeding ports on the top side of the chambers liquids and solids can be added to each chamber except the last one.

Due to the new Highvisc kneading blades higher shear forces can be achieved in the continuous kneading and extrusion machine CONTERNA. Depending on the application, the kneading blades, which are powered by high-capacity motors, can be installed in every chamber. Same as the chambers, the blades can be heated and cooled.

For easy access to the blades the chamber cover can be swivelled aside and the chamber block can be removed from the blades. Thus the kneading blades can be efficiently cleaned and maintained. The machine is available in 6 sizes for volume capacity of about 10 to 4000 litres per hour.

Product description on the IKA web page