New: The IKA pipette range

Staufen/Frankfurt, June 18, 2012 – IKA will have not only 50 innovations, but also completely new product ranges, on display at ACHEMA. These include the IKA ALPHA and IKA PRECISION pipette ranges.
The IKA Alpha single-channel range comes in 25 versions for volumes of 0.5 up to 10,000 µl. The IKA Precision range is available in 33 versions, both as single-channel pipettes in the volume range 0.1 to 10,000 µl, and as a multi-channel pipettes in the volume range 0.5 to 300 µl.
The ergonomic design configures to the users hand and provides for easy handling while pipetting. Owing to specially developed plastics the ultra-lightweight pipettes are fully autoclavable for sterilization. And have improved chemical, mechanical and UV resistance. Color coding based on volume range makes it easier to select the correct pipette. All IKA pipettes accept the standard pipette tips on the market.
IKA also provide a full pipette tip range, including both filter and filterless tips. They are designed to fit perfectly to the IKA pipette line and ensure accurate dispensing and smooth tip ejection helping to reduce the strain on the hand.
Each pipette is supplied with an individual quality certificate (QC) and a calibration certificate in accordance with ISO 8655. Users can calibrate the pipette themselves using the IKA pipette calibration software. The software can also be used for the automatic capture, analysis, recording and management of gravimetric measurements in accordance with ISO 8655. A global calibration and maintenance service is available to all users.
The range is complemented by a wide variety of accessories such as tips and pipette stands.