New from IKA: High precision high and low temperature thermostats

16 models / detachable remote control / cleverly designed details

Staufen/Frankfurt, 18.06.2012 – IKA expands its range of top quality laboratory equipment to include thermostats. The range comprises 16 different immersion thermostats, high temperature thermostats, recirculating chillers and combined high/low temperature thermostats in various sizes and designs. Users will find the right unit for internal or external applications, for heating, cooling or combined heating and cooling functions and for the external cooling of analysis equipment.
The “Control” version of almost all units has a detachable remote control. This wireless controller (WiCo) enables safe and easy operation from a distance of up to ten meters, even under an extractor hood or in inaccessible locations.
All versions have a USB and RS232 interface. The switch from internal to external temperature is effected by pressing a button.
IKA thermostats provide outstanding performance in terms of rapid heating and cooling and cleverly designed details, such as the discharge system for the thermal fluid, the intuitive menu navigation and the user-friendly handle on the ICC immersion thermostat and RC recirculating chiller. The guarantee period for the units is three years, or 5 years in the case of online registration.