IKA presents, premieres new products at ACS Philadelphia Fall 2012

With almost 50 new innovations, including two world premieres, laboratory system specialist IKA presented the next generation of laboratory and analytical equipment at the 244TH ACS National Meeting and Exposition. After five years of painstaking research development by both engineers and technical specialists alike, the company unveiled not only improvements to existing technology, but also several new product ranges to the US market.

Among the products that were met with enthusiasm by ACS show attendees were the two world premieres, namely the highly automated, compact C1 calorimeter and the Tube Mill control, which is a batch mill featuring disposable, single-use milling vessels. The C1 calorimeter represents the smallest isoperibol static jacket calorimeter in the world while the Tube Mill will allow for serial testing to be carried out under reproducible conditions for the first time, thus allowing for high-throughput applications.

In addition to these world premieres, visitors to the IKA booth were equally impressed with the expansive product portfolio range that IKA is now offering to the discerning US customer. This complete laboratory solution, which has always featured mixing, tempering, distilling and crushing solutions, now includes the following: thermostats, dry block heaters, centrifuges and liquid-handling options in the form of a complete pipette product line.

The overall impression from IKA’s ACS presence can as summarized as follows: a market leader that has risen to the challenge and is once again at the forefront of laboratory systems innovation. This company, which has over a 100 year history of laboratory equipment development and is headquartered in Staufen im Breisgau, a beautiful village nestled amongst the picturesque backdrop of the Black Forest, will continue to be a driving force for innovation and help shape the landscape of laboratory and analytical systems for years to come.