IKA establishes subsidiaries in Brazil and Korea

With two new branches in Brazil and Korea, IKA is expanding its global market presence. IKA now has direct contacts available for its customers in Korea (based in Seoul)

While products will only be distributed in Korea, they will also be manufactured in Brazil. Customers in South America were already served in the past by a commercial office. Now, the IKA team is moving from Sao Paulo to Campinas, where a manufacturing plant will be built and the commercial side expanded.

A commercial office has been established in Korea (Seoul) in order to serve the promisingKorean market. The benefits for IKA customers: contacts who speak their own language, faster availability of products and IKA services available locally.

IKA established its first subsidiary in the USA in 1985. After a decade of continuous growth in global markets, the first Asian subsidiary was founded in Malaysia in 1995 in order to serve the booming Asian market. The IKA group grew and continues to grow: the Chinese subsidiary was founded in Guangzhou in 1998 in order to serve expanding Chinese market. Since then two commercial offices have been established in Beijing and Shanghai in order to cover the large Chinese market. IKA Works Japan and IKA India have followed accordingly.