IKA donates to the Japanese Red Cross

120,000 EUR to help victims of the earthquakes / All subsidiaries

René Stiegelmann, Managing Director of the IKA group, decided to donate 120,000 EUR to Japanese Red Cross. It is the sum of the donations from IKA®- Werke Staufen and its subsidiaries in the U.S., China, Malaysia, India and Japan. They all contribute 20,000 EUR each. An additional more than 3,000 EUR was donated by individual employees as a gesture in support for their Japanese colleagues.

IKA®- Werke Staufen already accomplished its contribution on April 28th, 2011, in Staufen, Germany.

(René Stiegelmann, Jochen Glaeser – President Badisches Rotes Kreuz, Marcel Stiegelmann)

Yesterday, 10th of May 2011, IKA China just accomplished its contribution by handing over a donation to Guangdong Red Cross. The donated amount is 192,000 RMB (=20.000 EUR).


(Mrs. Hua – Vice President Guangdong Red Cross, Mr. Klaus Jacuk)

Mr. Klaus Jacuk , Managing Director in IKA China conducted the handing over, while Mrs. Hua, the Vice President of Guangdong Red Cross accepted the IKA check. Mrs. Hua expressed their thankfulness to IKA, and mentioned that: they can feel IKA is a responsible, kind-hearted enterprise and is brave to take the corporate social responsibility. Guangdong Red Cross will soon transfer the donation to China Red Cross and the entire donation from different channels will be transferred to Japanese Red Cross.

Mr. René Stiegelmann said: “IKA® has enjoyed positive business relationships with many Japanese companies for decades. With this contribution, we would like to express the solidarity IKA® feels towards Japan and the people who have been affected by the earthquakes,”

Mr. Klaus Jacuk also mentioned during the handing over of donation:

“IKA will not close the eyes when there is disaster or calamity happened in the world. We are a part of the world; it is our responsibility to help those people who is suffering”.

Japanese IKA® employees have not been directly affected by the earthquake. Given the scale of the natural disaster, the colleagues there have agreed upon lending their support to the Japanese Red Cross.