Even more efficient and versatile: the new C 6000 global standard and isoperibol

IKA enters 2014 with the launch of the new C 6000 calorimeters, combining the latest technology with more than 90 years’ experience in the manufacture of calorimeters

The C 6000 series is available in two versions. The C 6000 isoperibol allows the user to choose between isoperibolic and dynamic modes. The C 6000 global standard can operate in three modes: adiabatic, isoperibolic and even faster dynamic mode. In each case, it is possible to choose between start temperatures of 22, 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Both calorimeters can be operated in accordance with all common standards for determining calorific value, such as DIN, ISO, ASTM, GOST or GB.

The completely new design of the decomposition vessels makes sample preparation easier: The cover, including the crucible holder, can be placed on a bench. The crucible containing the sample is suspended so that the cotton thread can now be easily fastened to the ignition wire and brought into contact with the sample. The new vessel shape allows significantly quicker measurement in adiabatic mode and thus more measurements per hour than previously.
All relevant test parameters can easily be entered and read out via touch screen. Correction calculations are carried out in accordance with DIN, ISO and ASTM standards. The measurement results can be stored on an SD card and transferred to other programs in ASCII format.

The C 6000 calorimeters have a number of interfaces, ranging from the classic RS 232 interface for PCs and weighing scales, to the Ethernet and USB connection for network and printers. An additional interface is provided for the IKA C 5020 sample rack.

Modern calorimetry requires modern data processing. The new PC control and analysis software Calwin C 6040 offers solutions, suggestions and options for processing the measurement results. It also has: inter alia, a library and grouping function with enhanced data filter options, calculation correction capability to determine the calorific value, and data transfer into pre-configured Excel spreadsheets.

The software manages a number of combustion and ignition aids simultaneously, enables a control chart display of the calibrations and provides evaluations in accordance with current standards, together with a clear, detailed record of all test data. It measures the ignition energy for each test and, if analysis scale is connected, automatically records the initial weights.

Bomb calorimeters are used primarily to determine the energy produced on combustion of a sample. They are used in the coal, waste disposal and foodstuffs industries and in cement works, materials testing institutes, biofuel production, engine technology development (kerosene, jet fuel) and biological applications. The first IKA bomb calorimeters were included in the product range as early as 1920.