A New Generation of Calorimeters

World premiere of the C 1: compact, automated and excellent value

C 6000 series replaces the C 5000 and C 2000
Staufen, June 18, 2012 – IKA presents three new calorimeters at Achema 2012: the world premiere of the highly automated C 1 and the C 6000 series.
The C 1 represents a new generation of calorimeters. Water and oxygen handling have been automated, and sample preparation and handling of the decomposition vessel have been greatly simplified. The unit carries out an internal system check at the start of each test and indicates to the user if the oxygen pressure is too low, the ignition contact is poor or the water temperature is not appropriate. This saves time. It uses the isoperibol static jacket process and, therefore, meets the requirements of DIN 51900 and ISO 1928. The C1 is compact and excellent value in its class. The multifunctional control unit and logically configured software lighten the laboratory workload.
The C 6000 “global standards” and “isoperibol” models replace the C 5000 and C 2000 models. The “C 6000 global standards” enables measurements to be made using the adiabatic and isoperibol process. It has the latest interface technology, RFID technology, touch screen and SD card.
The new PC calorimeter software, the Calwin C 6040, replaces the Calwin C 5040. It offers new options for the management of measurement data (Microsoft SQL databases) and correction calculations in accordance with various standards.
Combustion calorimeters are used in many industries, including coal-fired power stations, waste disposal and the foodstuffs industry, and in university and research institute laboratories.