Celebrating a great award

In October 2013, Deputy Managing Director Reiner Dietsche accepted the "Grosser Preis (Grand Prize) for Medium-sized Companies" awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation. In the Baden-Wuerttemberg region, IKA took first place in the 'Industry' category. More than 4000 companies were nominated – they are not permitted to nominate themselves. The jury took into account all aspects of the workplace and training, modernisation and innovation, commitment within the region as well as service, customer proximity and marketing.

German Design Council selects UTTD control for a "special mention"

The IKA disperser "Ultra Turrax Tube Drive control" (UTTD control) was awarded a special prize in February 2014. In the competition for the "German Design Award 2014" it was selected for a "special mention". This acknowledges pieces of work whose designs display particularly successful features or solutions. Applications cannot be submitted for consideration for German Design Awards; products are nominated by the German Design Council. In 2012 the UTTD control received the red dot award.

First prize for many hands

More than 200 medium-sized companies from Baden-Württemberg applied for the award for social responsibility - and IKA took first place. Our project “HANDS For Children” thrilled the jury. Congratulations to the IKA retirees who raised money through voluntary work, which goes to the benefit of needy children and young people alike. For example, proceeds from this charity have been used to build schools in Ethiopia as well as provided for better infrastructure for in a Peruvian Andes village.

At the TOP for the second time

For the second time in a row, IKA is among the most innovative “Top 100” of the German medium-sized companies. An impressive confirmation for our forward-looking company with a long tradition of excellence! The scientific judge of the competition, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, who holds the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, praised the award winners by saying that they are extremely creative, innovative and professionally led companies.

Red dot design award – produkt design 2013

Another Red dot
The most sought-after red dot, namely the “red dot” for product design, was awarded for the Tube Mill control and the laboratory reactor LR 1000 - which means that not only are these products being exhibited online at red-dot.de, but also in the “red dot design museum” in Essen, which receives roughly 200,000 visitors a year.

As always, the competition was tough: This year, a total of 1,865 producers, designers and architects from 54 countries introduced 4,662 works. The jury evaluated them according to strict criteria focused on innovation, function and ecological compatibility. Our latest red dot award in product design proves that, once again, our sophisticated and innovative designs are setting international standards.

Two steps toward the podium

Another acknowledgment for our Design Center came from the Design Council. This internationally leading center for excellence in design nominated the Eurostar 40 digital agitator, the T 10 basic and T 25 dispersers as well as the UTTD for the “German Design Award”. The special thing about this award is that you cannot apply for it; the jury honors the best products amongst those awarded.

Good news also came from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation which awards the “Grand Prix for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises”: IKA has reached the jury stage of the competition. The place we achieve will be decided in October of this year.




数千社の候補社から最終選考に残るという事は、IKA が産業活動において、必要な要件を全て満たしている事を表しています。



TOP 100


参加企業はウィーン経済産業大学で起業家と産業革新の研究で名高い、Nikolaus Franke 教授によって厳しく審査されます。

ACHEMA 技術革新賞

2012年 ACHEMA工業展示会において、新商品Tube Millが優秀作品賞を受賞。

Tube Mill はACHEMA工業展示会において世の中に初公開されました。世界で最初の使い捨てタイプの粉砕室を備えたバッチ式粉砕器です。この技術革新は粉砕工程の可視化とクロスコンタミ防止を可能にしました。

Red dot デザイン賞 –工業製品デザイン2012

2012年4月, 世界的に権威のあるRed dot デザイン賞2012年工業製品部門において、IKA製品は合計で5つもの製品が受賞することができました。

この賞はNorth Rhine-Westphalia デザインセンターの30名からなる学術審査員に何日も何日もかけて審査されるモノです。技術革新度、機能性、エルゴノミック性能に直感的な側面や情熱の象徴性なども審査対象として評価されます。

多くのデザイン賞をいただくことができる高水準の製品の開発、見た目重視のデザインではなく、デザインそのものが技術革新の一部である事。それがIKA® の伝統です。

*ウルトラタラックス・チューブドライブ control (UTTD): UTTD control はユニークで特許取得済のマルチ分散・懸濁システムで、耐薬品性に優れた使い捨てタイプの処理容器を搭載した新製品です。実際、伝染性のある試料や毒性の強い試料、においの強い試料の処理にはこのシステムが最適です。

*撹拌器Eurostar 40 digital と Eurostar 200 control: 撹拌器では初の無線リモートコントローラー塔載モデルになります。このリモート操作はより便利に、より安全な撹拌処理操作を可能にしました。

*ホモジナイザーT 10 basic と T 25 digital: より精度を高め、より使いやすく改良いたしました。