We offer you a free warranty extension for 12 months for all our laboratory devices. In order to take full advantage of our offer, we request that you register your devices with the aid of our simple questionnaire. In the case of a defect or malfunction, this will enable us to identify your devices and offer you a solution in the shortest possible time.

If you have purchased one of our range of Rotary Evaporators or a KS 4000 Incubator Shaker, your warranty will be extend to two + three years, and for IKA Calorimeters to one + one years.

A particular highlight is the lifetime warranty we offer for our IKA Plate (RCT digital), C-MAG HS7 Control, Ministar, Microstar, and ElectraSyn 2.0 devices.

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FAQs about our lifetime warranty

How do I get a lifetime warranty extension for an IKA Plate (RCT digital), C-MAG HS7 Control, Ministar, Microstar, or ElectraSyn 2.0 device?
You will receive the warranty extension when you register your product on our website.

How many years is a “lifetime”?
The lifetime warranty applies throughout the entire product life cycle – i.e. for at least ten years, similar to our policy regarding replacement parts. Of course, we’re still there for you when ten years have past; we will still be glad to help if you should have any problems with your device.

When I have registered my device with a lifetime warranty, will IKA repair it or replace it with a new device free of charge if it malfunctions or breaks down?
Devices that were defective on delivery will be replaced immediately. Should a product malfunction be identified, the IKA Service Team will decide whether it will be repaired or replaced. All warranty claims are void when products have been used for purposes other than those recommended by us and in cases where a device has been intentionally or willfully damaged.  

When IKA repairs my device, does the lifetime guarantee then also apply for the replacement parts used in the repair, or are these parts only covered by the usual warranty terms?
We want you to be able to concentrate on your experiments without having to worry about the product. Our lifetime warranty therefore always applies to a functional product, and this naturally also includes all replacement parts that may be required to maintain its functions.

If IKA sends me a replacement for my defective device, must I register the replacement to reactivate the lifetime warranty?
If we replace a defective device, we will link the new serial number with the serial number of the device we replaced in our system to ensure that the lifetime warranty remains valid.

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