Shortage of skilled professionals? We take care of that on our own.

We need to rely on good team members for our success and therefore like to educate and train them. A continuous redevelopment of our training concept is implicit.
We are proud of our years of training experience and the extraordinary high apprentice/student ratio of generally 11%. Qualified partners and skilled employees guide our apprentices and students in all departments. While our new talents increase their experience level, they become an integral part in our day-to-day business and take on responsible tasks.

2 in 1 - Process and Lab equipment

At the Staufen headquarters, about 300 employees manufacture laboratory and analytical equipment as well as process technology. The sales channels Europe, Near East and Africa are supplied from here.

In these production areas, our apprentices and students go into action:

Laboratory and analytical equipment:

The IKA group is market leader in the laboratory and analytical technology. Our innovative laboratory product range includes magnetic stirrers, overheard stirrers, shakers, rotary evaporators and calorimeters.

Process technology:

Process technology contributes to an essential degree to the success of the IKA group. Our leading position in dispersing, mixing and kneading machines is assured and constantly enlarged by our innovative technology. 

In good hands

Two training supervisors for the technical and commercial professions manage our 35 apprentices and students. Additionally, several well experienced employees are charged with the intensive training of the apprentices and students in the different departments.

In our own technical training space, the apprentices learn all technical skills and the newest machines.

Exciting projects for the apprentices, an internship abroad and group activities complete our apprenticeships program.

Earn a degree with IKA

As part of a dual studies program, the students with IKA can link theoretical knowledge and practical professional experience and qualifications. In alternating three-month phases in the company and at university in Lörrach or Karlsruhe, the frameworks are matched to one another.

Thus, someone who is interested, open-minded and engaged, who is highly motivated and looking for a partner for ones studies, is always welcome to IKA.

Do you speak English?

Each department has close contacts to our subsidiaries abroad. A good command of English is very important for all apprentices and students.
As a special opportunity, we offer a course of business study in English in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach.
With IKA, there are also permanent English courses for the employees.

International internship

We offer all successful and engaged apprentices the opportunity to complete an internship abroad in one of our subsidiaries. The internship takes place in the second year of the apprenticeship and the participants normally travel in groups of two to four. This period offers our apprentices valuable intercultural experience and prepares them perfectly for working in an international company.

Here you can find interesting reports of our apprentices and students who have already been at an IKA subsidiary abroad.

The Wilmington adventure
India – An invaluable experience
University life abroad
IKA always remains IKA
As an intern in China
IKA as a road map


Each year approximately, 15 children of IKA employees have the opportunity to travel to our subsidiary in the US for two weeks. Also, children of employees from the IKA subsidiary in Wilmington have the same opportunity to come to Staufen.
At each location, the camp kids gain an insight into the working world of IKA and are integrated early into the company. Often these summer camp experiences build the basis for the later choice of the apprenticeship or the study of the participants.
The big advantage: children and teenagers with a limited financial background can take part in the camp, because IKA covers most to all of the costs. 

Feeling at ease in the business world

“Hello Mr. Schneider!” - Is this the right way to address your boss, colleague or customer? It all depends, and either way, it takes a good deal of tact and understanding to make the right choice.

Other tricky questions: Can I wear my new jeans to work? Do I have to remove my piercing? How do I start friendly small talk with our customer on the way from the lobby to the conference room?

The Business Knigge Seminar for IKA trainees tackled these and similar questions of etiquette. In Germany, “Knigge” is a traditional compendium of rules for politeness and etiquette that has guided social behavior for more than 200 years – both inside and outside the workplace. Here at IKA, we hope to create a friendly, open and respectful tone in all our business dealings. That’s why we not only educate our young trainees in technical knowledge, computer and machine know-how, we also strive to teach them a self-assured and professional demeanor.

Trainer Betül Hanisch from “Fast Perfekt“ discussed a wide range of topics with the participants, ranging from body care and dress codes, to the correct salutation, rules of politeness, body language, and table manners. Our internationally operating business also requires inter-cultural competency: what do I need to know about dealing with colleagues in our subsidiaries in North America or Asia? How do I correctly greet customers from China or Japan? What are the fine subtleties in cultural perception? Even when accepting a business card you can make mistakes in different cultures – unless you’ve learned about it beforehand.

There is no doubt about it – our trainees and students master the rules of conduct. They will soon be able to apply many of the things they’ve learned at the seminar and feel sure about their choices. After all, they can now feel at ease in the business world. 

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