Further perspectives

In addition to the apprenticeships and co-op possibilities, we offer interested and committed individuals other attractive entry-level opportunities.

Internships for pupils

Experience facilitate the right career choice.

That’s why we offer you the opportunity of an internship at IKA while you’re still at school. Our program helps you to decide which training route is right for you, and gives you a valuable insight into the course content. This may be a one-week internship (such as BOGY or BORS) required by your school, or one which you decide to do yourself.

You’ll be given an individual internship plan, and spend time in all the departments relevant to your potential choice of career. This will give you a realistic picture of the work involved. You’ll normally be mentored by our existing trainees, who will offer you support and treat you as an equal.

Student internships

Experience the world of work.

If you’re a student, our internships provide an opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, find out which areas you’re particularly interested in, and gain valuable insights into working life.

You can complete internships as prerequisites for certain courses of study with us. These are particularly valuable if you will be studying a technical subject and want to acquire the necessary practical experience. You can also complete practical semesters during your studies or voluntary internships during your semester breaks, which will allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real projects. Either way, you’ll work independently and be given plenty of responsibility.

We ask for your understanding that as a result of high demand we can only satisfy a limited number of requests for internships.

For further information please contact us.


Finish your degree course on a practical note.

We also provide support to promising students working on their theses. Depending on the subject you’re studying and the mentors we have available, you may be able to write your Technical, Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis while working with us.

We ask for your understanding that as a result of high demand we can only satisfy a limited number of requests for theses.

For further information please contact us.

Entry-level opportunities

Training for the future.

We train motivated young people to serve as the next generation of managers. We do not guarantee a permanent job at the end, as you’ll graduate four years after you sign your training contract and we can’t predict what the economic situation will be like, but we’re very committed to taking on good trainees. In practice, we do employ most of them once they’ve completed their education.

If we’re impressed with your performance during your traineeship, we guarantee to employ you for at least three to six months after you graduate. This will allow you to concentrate on passing your exams without having to worry whether you’ll have a job immediately afterwards.

If we do employ you after you graduate, you’ll work in a range of exciting positions in various departments and be eligible to work abroad immediately. You’ll continue developing your technology expertise and, depending on which career option you choose, you may be able to progress to Fachwirt, Betriebswirt or Meister status.

Planning for the long-term future.

At IKA, we offer students excellent opportunities to shape their professional future. If you complete an internship, student placement or degree thesis with us, and we’re impressed by your performance, there’s every chance you could land an exciting job with us.

Join IKA after you graduate, and you could immediately be working on major international projects. You might even complete your Master’s with us. As well as widening your specialist knowledge, you could finish up in a highly responsible technical or management position, and continuously expand your experience and range of responsibilities. Either way, you’ll continue developing your career and by working on major projects.

If you have a degree in engineering, business studies, natural sciences or a similar subject, you could go straight into a demanding junior position in Sales, Marketing, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Production, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, or Human Resources, or in our applications laboratory.

You’ll be involved in a range of exciting tasks straight away and be given responsibility, with strong professional and personal support and excellent career prospects.

Here you can find our current job offers.

Seasonal jobs

Get involved at an early stage.
We offer a range of summer vacation jobs allowing school students to gain work experience and earn an income.

Most of these are in production-related areas, such as assembly and warehousing. Age requirements are dependent on the subsidiary location and according employment law. You should be available for at least three weeks. We give preference to employees’ children and returning applicants who have previously had vacation jobs with us.

College break does not need to be a vacation.
We offer opportunities for students to gain practical experience during their semester breaks, working for a leading company and exploring potential future careers.

Here you will find more information, if you want to apply for a vacation job at IKA.