IKA Agitateurs-secoueurs thermostatés
MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus
EUR 2.399,00 EUR 2.159,10
EUR 2.399,00 EUR 2.159,10
Ident. N°.: 0010006853
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IKA Agitateurs-secoueurs thermostatés
MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus
EUR 2.399,00 EUR 2.159,10
Prix EUR 2.159,10
Ident. N°.: 0010006853
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MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus

The all-rounder Matrix Orbital Delta plus mixes, heats and cools reliably with variable inserts.

Whether blood samples, pharmaceutical agents, DNA/RNA samples or ELISA assays - reaction vials and plates with even the smallest volumes are reliably mixed and tempered in all laboratory applications. No cross-contamination and an optimal mixing result.

In addition, Matrix Orbital Delta plus comes with numerous user-friendly features:
  • Large and clear display with a convenient menu structure allows for an intuitive operation
  • Firm quick-release fastener for quick and easy changing of the inserts/attachments as well as an automatic attachment detection
  • Quick and effective mixing of liquids with up to 3,000 rpm and 3 mm shaker diameter
  • Reduced waiting time through fast heating and cooling rates of up to 6 °C/min (heating) or 2.5 °C/min at set-point temperature above the ambient temperature (cooling, 0.5 °C/min at set-point temperature between ambient temperature and 15 °C below ambient temperature)
  • Two different speed modes for sample-specific temperature control
  • Automatic performance of mixing, heating and cooling tasks through programmable ramps
  • Wide range of inserts for reaction vessels and plates
  • Intelligent speed adaption to insert, attachment and filling volume
  • Aluminum die cast housing ensures secure positioning, excellent stability and everyday robustness

The device is ideally suited for numerous applications in laboratories, such as:
  • Tempering / mixing of samples
  • Synthesis of cDNA
  • Enzyme-catalysed linking of RNA or DNA (ligation)
  • Lysis reactions
  • Structural change of DNA, RNA and proteins (denaturation)

Contenu de la livraison
  • MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus
  • IKA Pette vario 100-1000 µl

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