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Does IKA supply an explosion-proof stirrer system?
IKA does supply custom-made explosion-proof systems for larger volumes upon request.

What does torque trend display mean in the case of the EUROSTAR control range – can they measure viscosity?
The EUROSTAR control units only display the change in torque. Normally, this is associated with a change in the viscosity of the medium. The viscosity cannot, however, be directly calculated from the data. In order to do so, one can use a viscometer.

How long can a stirrer be operated without interruption?
All IKA overhead stirrers have a 100% duty cycle, i.e. they can be operated without interruption.

Are there any stirrers which rotate in different directions?
All IKA overhead stirrerss rotate in clockwise direction except for EUROSTAR 100 control which rotates in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction. Additionally, upon request for special applications, counter clockwise direction can be incorporated.

What is the difference between the electronic and mechanical versions of the stirrers?
In mechanical stirrers, the speed is set by means of a continuously variable transmission. A higher torque can be made available directly in the lower speed range by altering the transmission ratio of the actuator. Whereas in electronic stirrers, the power output is monitored and controlled by a processor. This ensures a constant speed range even with changes in viscosity.

What quantities and viscosities can be processed with IKA overhead stirrersrs?
Depending on the unit, maximum stirring quantity ranges from 20 ml to 200 liters. Similarly, the viscosity ranges from 1 mPas to 150,000 mPas.

What should be the diameter of the vessel in relation to the stirrer tool?
In the case of water, the diameter of the vessel should be twice the diameter of the stirrer element and the height two or three times that of the stirrer element. In the case of high viscosity material, the stirrer element should be closer to the vessel wall.

What ambient conditions are required for the operation IKA overhead stirrersers?
The ambient temperature should be consistent between 5 °C and 40 °C and the humidity should not exceed 80%.

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