lun 26.02.2018

Confirmado científicamente: IKA, líder mundial en tecnología de laboratorio, análisis y procesos

En el marco de un estudio actual de la Universidad de San Galo, el fabricante de tecnología de laboratorio, análisis y procesos IKA fue admitido recientemente en el índice de líderes del mercado mundial.
jue 14.12.2017

IKA honored at the German Design Awards 2018

Three products from the laboratory equipment manufacturer IKA were honored with awards: the “C-MAG HS 7 control” and the “RCT digital” were honored with German Design Award 2018 in the category “Excellent product design – industry”, and the “Ministar 80 control” earned a “Special Mention”.
vie 01.12.2017

Thank you, Professor E.J. Corey

Professor E.J. Corey, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry: “IKA evaporators and hot plates are so well designed and engineered that it is a pleasure to use them.” Thank you very much, Professor Corey!
vie 17.11.2017

Product Discontinuation of Calorimeter Systems C 2000 and C 5000.

IKA is ceasing the production of its calorimeter systems C 2000 and C 5000 by the end of the year 2017.
jue 26.10.2017

Celebrating our citizens of the world.

At the end of July, IKA Wilmington was host to 36 children of our German and Chinese employees.

As part of our Kidscamp program, employee children came to the United States for two weeks, immersing in the American culture by learning about each other’s cultures, participating in activities such as flag football, watching movies under the stars, swimming in the pool, archery, crafts, white water rafting or ziplining in the North Carolina mountains, bowling and of course, shopping.
vie 08.09.2017

IKA, galardonada como líder en innovación

Überlingen – IKA se encuentra este año entre los líderes en innovación dentro de las pymes alemanas. La empresa de Staufen ha sido galardonada por Ranga Yogeshwar, el Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke y Compamedia con el sello TOP 100, concedido ya en su 24.ª edición. Se trata de la cuarta vez que la empresa consigue entrar en esta selecta élite innovadora. En el procedimiento de selección independiente, la empresa consiguió destacarse gracias a sus procesos innovadores y a su orientación hacia el exterior.
jue 24.08.2017

The culmination of years of research at the crossroads of engineering and synthesis

In a unique endeavor, IKA owner René Stiegelmann has partnered up with Professor Phil S. Baran of the world-renowned Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California (USA). Over the past three years, engineers and chemists have worked hand in hand to develop a product combining two divisions of chemistry communities: the Electrochemical and the mainstream Synthetic Organic Chemistry Communities that traditionally don’t have much in common.
mié 09.08.2017

Livestream: Keynote Phil Baran August 22nd, 2017

During the 254th American Chemical Society Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., Phil Baran, Darlene Shiley Professor at the Scripps Research Institute, will exclusively present new research findings and unveil a new product. If you cannot join us in person, don’t worry.
lun 10.07.2017

El cultivo de microalgas es ahora más fácil

IKA lanza el fotobiorreactor Algaemaster 10 control
mié 24.05.2017

Conozca los héroes de la Quimica Orgánica!

/// IKA está invitando 10 científicos a San Diego, California
vie 12.05.2017

Phil Baran escenifica la continuación del vídeo de IKA «The Race, Take 2»

Fabricando olefina contrarreloj: ¿quién será el más rápido? ¿«Cowboy» o «Samurai»?
mié 21.12.2016

IKA abre nuevas sucursales en Inglaterra y Polonia

El fabricante líder de equipos de laboratorio y tecnología de procesos de análisis inaugura sucursales en Oxford y Varsovia
vie 22.01.2016

Promotion Mr. Michael Liu

We are pleased to announce that Michael Liu has been promoted to Vice President Sales IKA Group Laboratory & Analytical Technology effective immediately
vie 22.01.2016

Promotion Ms. Refika Bilgic

We are pleased to announce that Refika Bilgic has been promoted as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IKA Works, Inc., Wilmington, USA. effective immediately