IKA Termostatos
RC 2 lite
Precio EUR 2.408,00
Precio EUR 2.408,00
No. ref.: 0025006624
Añada a la compra
IKA Termostatos
RC 2 lite
Precio EUR 2.408,00
Precio EUR 2.408,00
No. ref.: 0025006624
Añada a la compra

RC 2 lite

Compact recirculating chiller with powerful 400 W cooling capacity, designed for simple cooling tasks down to -10 °C.

The RC 2 lite is the perfect peripheral device for the cooling of rotary evaporators, reflux condensers or as a cooling source for devices that dissipate heat with the help of a heat exchanger (e. g. double-walled grinding containers, cooled incubators, laboratory reactors, cooling coils).

The easily accessible and easy-to-clean mesh filter (stainless steel) ensure a consistently high cooling capacity over years. Thanks to the low filling volume of just one liter, the RC 2 lite is able to reach low temperatures particularly fast. The large working volume of 2.5 liters enables a high number of external applications without refill of liquids. The filling level in the reservoir can be clearly observed through the large, illuminated sight glass.

The powerful pressure and suction pump enables the simultanous operation of several small applications as well as external applications in open bath vessels in combination with a level controller. Thanks to the natural refrigerant R290, the RC 2 lite is remarkably environmentally friendly and well prepared for the future.

Volumen de suministro
  • RC 2 lite
  • Olive for DN 8 hoses (2 pcs.)

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