IKA Molinos
IKA MultiDrive control
Precio EUR 3.599,00
Precio EUR 3.599,00
No. ref.: 0025002643
Añada a la compra
IKA Molinos
IKA MultiDrive control
Precio EUR 3.599,00
Precio EUR 3.599,00
No. ref.: 0025002643
Añada a la compra

IKA MultiDrive control

Regardless of whether samples are hard, soft or fibrous – the IKA MultiDrive crusher can perform a wide range of crushing tasks involving coarse and fine crushing, thanks to the variety of vessels
available. MultiDrive control mixes, grinds and is also fitted with a dispersion vessel and a disposable tube. There is a USB interface available for easy actuation and documentation respectively.

High performance
Excellent crushing performance is guaranteed by a combination of
variable rotational speeds, ranging from 3000 rpm to 20 000 rpm,
and a 1000 Watt output.

Interval operation
The option of interval programming is simple to activate at the
press of a button. Interval operation is an asset during the coarse
crushing of hard samples or for extra thorough blending.

Integrated cooling
A cooling system is integrated in the milling cup, which allows
indirect heat dissipation. Thus, coolant and sample remain separate.

A clear TFT-display guarantees user-friendly operation.

Temperature measurement
MultiDrive control offers temperature measurement and vessel
recognition using RFID. A temperature limit can be set for
temperature-sensitive materials, or for specific planned reactions to
protect against overheating.

Weighing function
The weighing function is also integrated into the user-friendly
workflow of the IKA MultiDrive control. Weighing is performed
before crushing using the same mixing cup, so that no transfer
of contents is required.

Variety of vessels (accessory)
MultiDrive provides the right vessel for each grinding task.
Vessels don't belong to the scope of delivery.

Volumen de suministro
  • IKA MultiDrive control
  • Socket wrench
  • Disassembly tool 1
  • Disassembly tool 2
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB Cable - USB A to Micro-B, 2 m

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