Distilling is a thermal separation process performed on a mixture of various different substances. The requirement for a distilling process varies due to the composition of the substances to be distilled and the various boiling points. First, the substance to be distilled is heated in a flask and brought to its boiling point. The resulting steam then condenses on a cooler and drips into a separate collecting vessel.

In chemical labs, rotary evaporators are often used for distilling. A system consists of a drive, support device, heating bath, vacuum pump, and sometimes a vacuum controller and circulation cooler. Rotary Evaporators offer the following advantages compared to conventional distilling devices:

  • Better warmth transfer
  • Quicker heating
  • Increase in distilling speed
  • Avoidance of boiling delays
  • Avoidance of overheating
  • Gentle distilling under vacuum

Due to its modular set-up, a rotary evaporator can be used for a multitude of applications:

  • Recycling of solvent waste
  • Extractions
  • Concentration of substances
  • Drying of powders
  • Separation of material mixtures
  • Distilling of low-boiling solvents
  • Distilling of temperature-sensitive substances under vacuum
  • Distilling of oxygen-sensitive substances under inert gas
  • Chemical synthesis under reflux

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