IKA organizes basic and practical seminars on calorimetry twice a year.

The seminar ‘Calorimeter Days’ is about combustion calorimetry in general and includes all necessary theory, accreditation and first practical experiences.

Our ‘Hands-On Days’ seminar focuses on expanding user knowledge as well as on gaining practical experiences with a calorimeter including sample preparation according to the most important calorimetry standard DIN 51900 .

We are looking forward to your participation.

Further information on our calorimeter seminars can be found here:

IKA Calorimeter Days 2022 - only in german

General information

Expand your knowledge in the field of calorimetry and benefit from the professional exchange with other users from different industries. For more than 10 years, we have been successfully running the two days seminar 'Calorimeter Days'. The theoretical and practical workshop focuses on internal and external quality assurance as well as general knowledge about combustion calorimetry.

  • Kai-Oliver Linde, calorimeter expert with over 20 years of experience
  • Dr. rer. nat. Georg Szczendzina, guest speaker as well as publicly appointed and sworn in trade chemist, expert and sampler for solid fuels. He is also an expert assessor for accreditations according to ISO 17025 and much more.
  • IKA service specialists
Target group:
  • Calorimeter users
  • New customers
  • Interested persons
  • Laboratory management
The seminars are limited to 15 participants.
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the seminar.
The workshop is held in German.

Seminar program



May 11th - 12th 2022
October 18th - 19th 2022


EUR 349 per Person plus VAT.
Travel and accommodation has to be organized by the participants.


[email protected]

Accommodation options

Please book your accommodation yourself. We recommend the following hotels:

Calorimeter practice days - according to DIN 51900 – only in german

Would you like to expand your user knowledge around calorimetry and calorific value determination? Then the calorimeter practice days are just right for you.

In the two-day user training course, you will practice in small groups with like-minded people in practical use of the calorimeter based on the most important calorimetry standard for Germany, DIN 51900 for liquid and solid fuels.

The content of the practice days extends from the analytical moisture determination of an already prepared and certified IPTA sample, calibration of the calorimeter, target value guide, thermodynamic correction calculations up to the calorific value and calorific value calculation.

2 to a maximum of 3 users work together on one calorimeter. After successful completion, each user receives a certificate of participation in the practical seminar.

The calculations and methods used are based on the calorimetry standard DIN 51900 for liquid and solid fuels. The seminar participants can then apply the knowledge they have learned directly in everyday laboratory work or adapt it accordingly to the standard(s) operated by in the respective company.

Seminar Content
  • Determination of the analytical moisture of a sample in the drying cabinet (Ho, V (an), Ho, V (d))
    Practical implementation of drying an IPTA sample in the IKA drying cabinet
  • Optimal calibration of the IKA calorimeter (according to DIN 51900)
    Practical execution of 5 calibrations, calculation of the mean value and the relative standard deviation.
  • Linearity range check of the calorimeter
    Practical implementation based on triple control burns with different weights
  • Control-chart guidance using the example of a target value card
    Theoretical part on the basics of target value chart guidance
  • Determination of the preliminary calorific value on the calorimeter
    Double determination of a certified IPTA sample in the IKA calorimeters
  • Determination of the upper calorific value (Ho, V)
    Practical titration tests to determine QN and QS on the auto-titrator and traditionally with a burette
  • Calculation of the lower calorific value (Hu, V / Hu, p)
    Theoretical part comparison / evaluation of the results of the certified IPTA sample results
    Review of results and comparison

The IKA +

Service Training: Preventive maintenance by the user on the calorimeter and decomposition vessel


€ 499.00 p. P.
plus VAT including course materials and meals
Arrival and departure as well as accommodation are to be organized by yourself


max. 6 participants per seminar


[email protected]

Accommodation options

Please book your accommodation yourself. We recommend the following hotels:
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