IKA Viscometers


For simple or demanding viscosity measurement

Viscometers are used in numerous industries of product development, quality and process control. They provide information on the flowability of liquids, which is a crucial quality characteristic in industries such as the food and cosmetics industry. Based on the viscosity, important decisions regarding the design of production plants or the suitable packaging are made.

The rotational viscometers of the ROTAVISC series determine the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application ranging from laboratory to quality control. In conjunction with suitable accessories, the four devices can deliver relative and absolute measurement results in different viscosity ranges. Regardless of simple or demanding viscosity measurement - thanks to latest technology ROTAVISC provides highly precise measurement results with a good reproducibility of +/-0,2%.

Viscosity measurement made easy thanks to numerous features

Since a viscosity value is only meaningful in combination with a temperature specification, all IKA viscometers are delivered with a PT 100 temperature sensor. Samples can be measured from -100 °C to 250 °C, using suitable accessories such as the ELVAS-1 spindle set and HRC 2 control thermostat.

The multilingual and intuitive menu navigation ensures easy handling and operation. Three measuring modes are available depending on the requirement. Additionally, customer-specific spindles up to 10 different programs can be stored. The user defines the starting and stopping of a measurement individually: with a timer, once a certain torque has been achieved, or once the viscosity has been measured. Labworldsoft® 6 Visc enables networking and control of the viscometer with thermostat and additional sensors as well as any number of program and data storages. Moreover, the software supports the requirements of FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

ROTAVISC offers greatest possible flexibility to the user. Different kinds of stands and spindles can be used depending on the viscosity that needs to be measured.

Four devices. Four measuring ranges.

We offer different solutions depending on the application and viscosity measuring range.

ROTAVISC lo-vi Viscosity measuring range: 1 – 6 000 000 mPas
ROTAVISC me-vi Viscosity measuring range: 100 – 40 000 000 mPas
ROTAVISC hi-vi I Viscosity measuring range: 200 – 80 000 000 mPas
ROTAVISC hi-vi II Viscosity measuring range: 800 – 320 000 000 mPas

Complete Packages include:
ISO standard spindle set, protective bracket, temperature sensor, ROTASTAND.

Complete HELI include:
ISO standard spindle set, protective bracket, temperature sensor, motorized HELISTAND.

Reliable viscosity measurement

Reliable viscosity measurement with IKA ROTAVISC The precise determination of rheological parameters is of great importance in quality control or in the development laboratory. To ensure the measuring accuracy of the ROTAVISC viscometers, the devices are factory-calibrated using a specially developed high precision automated calibration station. In order to rely on the validity of the measurement results in the future, we recommend calibration at regular intervals.

Our calibration and maintenance agreement offers different maintenance and calibration intervals - depending on the type of device, type of application and sample volume.

The user can verify the precision of its ROTAVISC with standard oils between the intervals. The oils have a known and certified viscosity which gets compared to the results of the viscometers. In addition, the IKA Calibration Check will provide support if necessary.

Our product portfolio is ideally oriented towards viscosity measurement in the following fields of application:

lo-vi: for juices, solvents, edible oils, inks, liquid soaps
me-vi: for paints / varnishes, mayonnaise, dairy products, ketchup
hi-vi I & hi-vi II: for pastes, ointments, molasses, gels

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