IKA ROTAVISC Calibration Check

This calibration check template can be used to verify the measuring performance of your ROTAVISC.
Please follow the instructions step by step. In addition, we recommend watching the how-to-use video Control method and system tuning. could be helpful. Furthermore, we suggest a regular inspection of your device by our IKA Service team.

1. Select your ROTAVISC model and the spindle
2. Fill a 600 ml beaker (low form) with a standard oil and wait until it has been heated up to 25 °C (± 0,1 °C). It can take some hours. Use a spindle and guard leg (only for lo-vi and me-vi). Use a thermostat (e.g. HRC 2 control) to control the temperature inside the 600 ml beaker.

3. Enter the viscosity of your standard oil (value at 25 °C from certificate or on label of standard oil packaging), e.g. CAL-O-12500 with a viscosity of 12,257 cP at 25 °C.

4. Enter the first speed, e.g. 10 rpm, for the calibration check.
Start the viscometer measurement at this speed. Wait until the values are stable.
The minimum speed should generate a torque of min. 10%
Value 1: 10 % - 20%
Value 2: 30 % - 50 %
Value 3: 60 % - 100 %
Enter the first viscosity value that has been measured.
Your result of the calibaration
Out of range! Please contact [email protected]

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