IKA MATRIX Thermoshakers for mixing, cooling and heating of microtiter plates and sample vessels


Mixing, heating and cooling of microtiter plates and sample vessels

Reliable mixing and temperature control of small volumes in reaction vessels and microtiter plates is a task required by various laboratories. Whether it is the sample preparation for a PCR analysis, or the initiation of an enzymatic reaction - optimal mixing and temperature control is important for the validity of the analysis result. Thermoshakers are ideally suited for these tasks, making them essential for many laboratories.

IKA MATRIX Thermoshakers are awarded with design prizes

Mixing, heating, cooling, or even all at once

Mixing, heating, cooling - the powerful and user-friendly MATRIX thermoshaker product family, which mixes and tempers even the smallest volumes. Whether it is blood samples, pharmaceutical agents, DNA / RNA samples or ELISA assays - optimal mixing results are achieved in the milliliter range in various laboratory applications. These results are owed to the combination of high speed and a large shaking stroke with simultaneous temperature control. Even reaction times can be shortened through the effective combination of mixing and temperature control.

The MATRIX product family offers the right device for every requirement. You just want to mix? Mix and heat? Heat and cool? Or you need to mix, heat and cool? Then select from 7 device variants with different performance ranges with fixed or variable attachments.


The MATRIX Orbital performs mixing with variable inserts.

Mixing and heating

MATRIX Orbital Delta F0.5 performs mixing and heating with a fixed attachment for 0.5 ml tubes.

MATRIX Orbital Delta F1.5 performs mixing and heating with a fixed attachment for 1.5 ml tubes.

MATRIX Orbital Delta F2.0 performs mixing and heating with a fixed attachment for 2.0 ml tubes.

MATRIX Orbital Delta FP performs mixing and heating with a fixed attachment for microtiter plates.

Heating and cooling

MATRIX Delta plus performs heating and cooling and with variable attachments.

Mixing, heating, cooling

MATRIX Orbital Delta plus performs mixing, heating and cooling with variable attachments.

IKA MATRIX Thermoshakers with a great variety of accessories and attachments

Flexible thanks to a great variety of accessories and attachments

A wide range of interchangeable attachments enables the thermoshakers to be flexibly adapted to different requirements and applications. Sample vessels with different volumes as well as microtiter plates and deep well plates can be mixed and tempered. A stable quick-release fastener makes it easier to exchange the attachments, and at the same time ensures they are optimally fixed for effective temperature transfer. Also, the MATRIX units automatically recognizes which attachment the user has chosen. Depending on the experimental setup, the insulated and heated lid "ThermoCover" ensures homogeneous sample temperatures, prevents condensation and guarantees a constant sample concentration in the reaction vessels.

Typical applications

MATRIX thermo shakers are perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical, microbiological, biochemical and medical laboratories:

  • Cultivation of bacteria and yeasts
  • Enzyme reactions
  • Transformation of bacterial strains and plasmids
  • Denaturation and labeling of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Lysis reactions
  • Proteinase K digestion of cells and tissues
  • Resuspension of pellets
  • Mixing Protein Quantitation Assays
  • ELISA assays

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