IKA Temperature Control
RC 5 control
Price USD 8,912.00
Price USD 8,912.00
Ident. No.: 0020008504
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IKA Temperature Control
RC 5 control
Price USD 8,912.00
Price USD 8,912.00
Ident. No.: 0020008504
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RC 5 control

Powerful recirculating chiller, designed for external cooling applications up to -30°C.
The energy-efficient chiller is operated with an eco-friendly refrigerant and reaches a high power density. This results in a comparatively small working space in the lab. The speed-controlled PEEK pump allows an indirect, continuous adjustment of the maximum pressure and flow rate. Due to the PT100 temperature sensor, which is part of the delivery and its excellent temperature stability of about ± 0,1 K, the RC 5 can handle even sophisticated applications.
Laboratory staff operates the RC 5 control safely and conveniently from everywhere in the lab by using the Wireless Controller (WiCo). Processes can be automated and simplified through 10 freely programmable temperature ramps with 10 steps each.
Its isolated, high-quality 7l bath has an integrated hopper and drain valve, ensuring safe and clean handling of the thermofluid. A hose can be connected to empty the bath in order to avoid direct contact with the thermofluid.
The easy-to-open front flap allows an easy cleaning of the cooling unit’s air filter.

Key Features
  • Speed-controlled refrigeration system with 1400 W cooling capacity (@20°C)
  • Natural thermofluid R290
  • Designed for cooling applications up to -30°C - RT
  • Extended operating temperature range up to 80°C
  • Excellent temperature stability of about ± 0,1K (@-10°C)
  • Speed-controlled pump made of PEEK: (0,6 bar; 31l/min)
  • Digital level indicator

Additional benefits of the control device:
  • Operating mode D (confirmation mode)
  • Signal if set point is reached
  • Timer/Counter
  • Degassing function

  • Connection socket for external PT 100 temperature sensor (Accessory: PT100.30; Lemo connector)
  • Connection of magnetic valves possible (Mulit IO)
  • Alarm contact (Multi IO)
  • Connector for standby contact input (Multi IO)
  • RS 232 and USB

Scope of delivery
  • RC 5 control
  • PT 100.30 Temperature sensor
  • Hose olive NW 8 (2 pcs.)
  • Hose olive NW 12 (2 pcs.)
  • WH10 WiCo Holder
  • OS 1.0 power supply (for WiCo)
  • USB Cable - USB A to Micro-B, 2 m
  • USB 2.0 cable Micro A – Micro B

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