IKA Temperature Control
HRC 2 control
USD 6,403.00 USD 5,442.55
USD 6,403.00 USD 5,442.55
Ident. No.: 0025004639
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IKA Temperature Control
HRC 2 control
USD 6,403.00 USD 5,442.55
Price USD 5,442.55
Ident. No.: 0025004639
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HRC 2 control

The compact refrigerated and heating circulator HRC 2 control is renowned for its high energy efficiency, a working temperature range from -30°C to 100°C and a powerful and infinitely variable pressure and suction pump. The on-demand and speed-controlled compressor reduces noise and operating costs.
The HRC 2 control in combination with an external temperature sensor is perfectly suitable to precisely temper external closed or open applications.
The high-quality Isolation of the 4 l bath allows fast heating and reduces heat input when cooling. Using the external temperature control circuit is possible for up to 2,5 l thermofluid without a refill.
The integrated hopper and drain valve ensure a safe and clean handling of the thermofluid. The easy-to-open front flap allows an easy cleaning of the cooling unit’s air filter.There is a drain valve on the front side of the bath. A hose can be connected to empty the bath, so the user does not get in direct contact with the thermofluid.
  • Speed-controlled refrigeration system unit with 400 W cooling capacity
  • Speed-controlled PEEK pump (0,5 bar; 22 l/min)
  • 1500 W heating capacity (1200 W @115V)
  • digital level indicator
  • Safety classification III (FL) according to DIN 12876
  • Adjustable temperature safety circuit

With the Wireless Controller (Wico) the HRC 2 control can be operated safely and conveniently everywhere. Processes can be automated and simplified through 10 freely programmable temperature ramps with each 10 steps.

Additional features of the control device:
  • Operating Mode D (Confirmation Mode)
  • Signal if Set Point is reached
  • Timer/Counter
  • outgassing function for Labreactors

  • Connection socket for external PT 100 temperature sensor (Accessory: PT100.30; Lemo connector)
  • Connection of magnetic valves possible (Mulit IO)
  • Alarm contact (Multi IO)
  • Connector for Standby contact input (Multi IO)
  • RS 232
  • USB

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