IKA EasySyn is a new reactor system for organic or aqueous syntheses

EasySyn Reactor Systems


EasySyn is the reactor system for organic or aqueous syntheses. And the only reactor system for which you can get all the complementary components from a single source: Overhead stirrers, circulators, vacuum pumps and controllers, sensors and automation software. All from IKA and all perfectly matched to each other.

With its double-walled reactor vessels from 500 ml to 5000 ml, EasySyn is a medium-sized and very flexible upscaling system. It ensures safe and reproducible chemical reactions.


The EasySyn reactor systems are characterized by a wide range of applications such as reflux condensations, reactions under vacuum, crystallizations, (pH-controlled) precipitation reactions, nanoparticle or catalyst syntheses as well as the transfer from laboratory to process scale.

In many applications, controllable and reproducible reaction conditions are essential to achieve reliable and comparable results. With EasySyn, these conditions are guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials in combination with technically sophisticated accessories. Our reactor systems are for example suitable for research and development, the chemical industry or materials research. Lab reactor system with height adjustment

Ergonomic and Safe

They are unique thanks to the ergonomically designed stand. It allows quick and easy exchange of the reactor vessels, simple alignment of the stirrer and adjustment of the working height to the user's body size.

Due to the use of borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE-coated stirring tools, EasySyn has a high chemical resistance and can also be used for syntheses with aggressive media such as acids or bases.

The high quality of the materials used allows operation at temperatures from -50 to 200 °C and up to a vacuum of 25 mbar.

IKA EasySyn - An advanced laboratory reactor system

One system. Many possibilities.

In total, two packages are offered, each with different sizes and variations: EasySyn Starter and EasySyn Advanced. They each comprise a complete reactor system for use in the laboratory, consisting of a stand system, double-walled reactor vessel, reactor lid as well as a propeller stirrer and a suitable overhead stirrer.

The main difference between Starter and Advanced is the overhead stirrer used. EasySyn Starter includes the EUROSTAR 60 digital, the Advanced Packages the EUROSTAR 100 control, which enables additional functions, such as external control via labworldsoft® 6 (RS 232 or USB interface), operation via removable remote control and programming, for example, of a timer.

In addition, the Advanced systems include the LT 5.40 draining set, which enables the tempering fluid of the double jacket to be drained easily and cleanly by using special valves, thus saving valuable time when changing the reactor vessels. The Advanced System is therefore particularly suitable for applications in which the reactor vessel has to be changed or cleaned regularly.

Areas of application

  • Organic and aqueous syntheses
  • Reactions under vacuum
  • Crystallizations
  • (pH-controlled) precipitation reactions
  • Nanoparticle syntheses
  • Catalyst syntheses
Matching to this you get all the complementary components from a single source: overhead stirrers, circulators, vacuum pumps and controllers, sensors and automation software.

Would you like your own desired configuration, tailored to your process? Or do you need a quotation? Then feel free to contact our sales team.

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