Frequently Asked Questions - Rotary Evaporators

What minimum vacuum can be reached with the RV 10 rotary evaporator system (with coated glassware)?
If all vacuum connections are sealed vacuum tight and the vacuum system is strong enough, down to 1mBar.

Is it better to use a vertical or a diagonal condenser?
It does not matter for the application. Both condensers have the same cooling surface and power.

What is the diameter of the hose to refill the evaporating flask with medium in the RV 10 system and what is it made of?
The hose has a diameter of 5 mm and is made of PTFE (Teflon).

Is there a warning system when the heating bath HB 10 is still hot?
Yes. The message "HOT" will be blinking for as long as the water bath temperature exceeds +60 C.

Is it possible to move the heating bath HB 10 in the RV 10 system?
Yes, it can be moved 50 mm horizontally and can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

Can I perform a continuous distillation with IKA rotary evaporator system and 3 l flask?
Yes, even with a 3 liter receiving flask you can do a continuous distillation. Simply use the PTFE tube that comes with the glassware. Use this by opening up the vacuum shut-off valve to refill while under vacuum. The loss of vacuum pressure is little and will be stabilized by the vacuum pump.

Is it necessary to measure vapor temperature inside the flask?
No, IKA rotary evaporators are controlled by measuring the temperature of the cooling water flow.

I work with samples that foam easily. How can I prevent foaming over into the cooling coil?
Simply use our foam brake/bump trap listed under our accessories. It stops foam from entering the cooling coil or receiving flask.

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