Frequently Asked Questions - Mills

Which model of Tube Mill control is suitable for me?
If you only need to grind small sample quantities of up to 40 ml, the Tube Mill control is completely sufficient. For larger or alternately large sample quantities, it is best to opt for the Tube Mill 100 control. Here you can use grinding chambers with 40 ml as well as those with 100 ml.

How finely can the samples be ground with the Tube Mill?
The samples can be ground to a particle size of 1 – 100 μm depending on the sample.

What is the minimum quantity in the grinding chamber of the Tube Mill?
Even a single grain can be milled with the Tube Mill control.

How large may the individual feed grain size for the use of a Tube Mill be?
The individual specimen pieces must not be larger than 1 cm in diameter.

When does the use of disposable grinding chambers with the Tube Mill make sense?
The more samples you have to grind, the more worthwhile it is to use disposable cups with the Tube Mill. You save a lot of time because there is no need for time-consuming cleaning of the chambers. Since this also prevents cross-contamination, your results are also more reliable.

When to use titanium or curved knives with the Tube Mill?
Curved knives reduce the accumulation of ground specimen material at the edge of the chamber and thus ensure better mixed and ground specimens. Titanium knives are intended for applications where no heavy metals (Cr or Ni) resulting from abrasion of the stainless steel beater may be permitted to contaminate the sample in the Tube Mill.

How do I achieve the desired grind with the Tube Mill?
The length of the grinding process determines the degree of grinding. The finer your sample needs to be, the longer it should be ground in the Tube Mill. The necessary grinds vary from sample to sample.

Which cleaning methods can be used for the grinding chambers of the TubeMill?
Before single use, the grinding bowls of the Tube Mill can be autoclaved.

What materials are the Tube Mill grinding chambers, beater and seal made of?
The disposable grinding chambers are made of PP, the blade is made of AISI 301 stainless steel and the seal is made of PA. For the reusable grinding chambers, the grinding bowl and lid are made of PA, and the inner vessel is made of stainless steel (AISI 316L).

Can the grinding chambers of the Tube Mill be used with dry ice?
Yes, the grinding chambers can be used with dry ice.

Can the disposable grinding chambers of the Tube Mill be used several times?
The disposable grinding chambers should only be used once to exclude cross-contamination.

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