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Technical Data

Probe typeImmersion probe
Sensor typePT1000 (DIN IEC 751 Class A)
Accuracy of temperature measurement± (0,15 + 0,2% o.Mv.) K
Response time t9/1010 sec
Temperature measuring range-10 - +400 °C
Material of probe tubestainless steel 1.4571
Diameter of probe tube3 mm
Length of probe tube150 mm
Immersion depth min.25 mm
Cable length1000 mm
Probe connectionDIN 45322
Weight0.028 kg
IKA Magnetic Stirrers
PT 1000.80 Temperature sensor, stainless steel
Price USD 208.00
Price USD 208.00
Ident. No.: 0004443000
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IKA Magnetic Stirrers
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