DNA / RNA purification & extraction for RT-PCR to detect COVID-19 pathogens

Laboratory Software

labworldsoft® 6 Pro labworldsoft® 6 Pro
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labworldsoft® 6 Starter labworldsoft® 6 Starter
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IPCS Pipette Calibration Software IPCS Pipette Calibration Software
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Ident. No. 0020022141
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C 6040 CalWin C 6040 CalWin
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Ident. No. 0004040500
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Laboratory Software
IKA's laboratory software Labworldsoft enables networking of up to 64 laboratory devices which can be controlled simultaneously via one PC. The Labworldsoft software enables simple and efficient automation of experiments and processes in the lab. Not only can you control IKA magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, shakers, thermostats, or rotary evaporators, other manufacturers' laboratory devices can also be effortlessly integrated using Labworldsoft. CalWin represents the newest generation of professional software for all of IKA's calorimeters. CalWin offers numerous functions to help with controlling and evaluating IKA results. All software is available in multiple platforms and easily exportsto Excel or Access. IKA Labworldsoft and CalWin simplify work in the lab, making a contribution to efficient research.
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