labworldsoft in the lab

labworldsoft® 6 – the laboratory software for all laboratories

It's the cockpit for your digital laboratory

labworldsoft® 6 laboratory software networks, controls, and evaluates: Over 700 laboratory instruments, mini-plant systems, and technical items from more than 55 manufacturers are pre-installed in your new laboratory cockpit. We would be more than happy to implement your desired device in the equipment library if it isn't already there.

labworldsoft® 6 lets you digitize your laboratory. All the equipment can be operated right from your PC: You can specify dependencies between processes, automate routine tasks, define measured value representation and real-time calculations.

Try out labworldsoft® 6 free of charge for 30 days:

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Save time

Regardless of the equipment or pilot systems you work with: They're already implemented into our laboratory software and, if not, will be specially integrated for you. You can very easily automate laboratory processes from your PC, save your own recipes and process sequences, and perform calculations while tests are being carried out. This allows you to save time both in initializing and in each subsequent test.

Increase safety

Remote control mode lets you control challenging laboratory reactions from a safe distance. A wide variety of possibilities for automating recipes and processes increases process safety, provides more safety for the user, and facilitates the reproducibility of all procedures.

Be more flexible

You can use the labworldsoft® 6 laboratory software to model virtually any laboratory process and any number of laboratory structures for the widest range of different applications. You can configure them, save them for multiple use and combine various devices together via logical combinations to produce new complex systems. This allows you to create synergies without being bound to a single manufacturer.

Work more conveniently

Simple, flexible, intuitive: labworldsoft® 6 laboratory software offers a clear workspace with a graphical user interface. Here you can network any number of components and open any number of sessions at the same time. You can control all your laboratory equipment and pilot systems by remote control. Measurements and/or processes can be operated independently of each other - from sample preparation with dispersing devices and incubators, via analysis equipment, to installations for synthesis.

Freely-selectable ramp functions are used to control desired temperature or speed progressions, for example. You can create, export and reload the ramp functions graphically at any time.

Even while a test is being carried out, you'll be able to measure the speed, temperature and pH value, and to save the measured values in the desired format, e.g. .csv, .xslx or ASCII (labworldsoft 5 data format).

Manage users

labworldsoft® 6 facilitates convenient user and access-rights management in accordance with FDA regulations. A single license permits the creation of any number of users. Access-rights management is carried out centrally via the intelligent server solution in your own network.

Digitize in accordance with the FDA

labworldsoft® 6 supports functions of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, including user management, audit trails, electronic signatures and digital integrity. This means that the software can be used in any FDA-regulated environment.

Your own server-based solution

The Pro Version of our laboratory software includes a server-based solution that integrates into your company network. This lets you access test jigs, configurations, data, and measurement results from all the computers. At the same time, you centralize user management and can allocate access and user rights. And your data is fully protected from manipulation.


With labworldsoft® 6, communication between your PC and the laboratory equipment takes place via various interfaces, such as RS 232, USB, Bluetooth, and via network interfaces.

Training & support

To support you in your conversion to a digital laboratory, we've created a library of tutorials and animated short films, so that labworldsoft® 6 can make your work easier from the very first day. Is one of your devices missing from the equipment roster? Then we will gladly integrate it for you. Are you having difficulties configuring your system? We would be pleased to help - including providing on-site assistance.

Hardware and software requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 processor (Intel Core i7 processor recommended) clocking not less than 2.6 GHz, no fewer than 2 cores
  • Operating system: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Memory: Not less than 8 GB RAM // 16 GB recommended
  • Hard drive memory: At least 10 GB free hard drive space
  • Graphics card: No specific requirements
  • Optical drives: DVD / CD drive - not necessary
  • Interfaces: USB: At least 4 ports // recommended: 6 ports, Wi-Fi / LAN: Yes (1 port adequate)
  • Communication interfaces for communication with the laboratory equipment: Adapters can be used for special applications, in order to provide various communication interfaces on your PC (e.g. 1 x USB port to 4 x RS232 ports). This depends on the number of devices used, as well as the types of equipment or the communication interfaces on the equipment
  • Mouse and keyboard: Necessary, no specific requirements
  • Recommended monitor: At least 24”, with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels

labworldsoft® 6 Starter

  • For small equipment configurations
  • Up to 3 devices
  • For laboratory equipment from all manufacturers
  • 1 year support with new versions of labworldsoft® 6 Starter

labworldsoft® 6 Advanced

  • For all equipment configurations
  • More than 700 devices from the equipment library
  • Control any number of devices at the same time
  • For laboratory equipment from all manufacturers
  • 1 year support with new versions of labworldsoft® 6 Advanced

labworldsoft® 6 Pro

  • For all equipment configurations
  • More than 700 devices from the equipment library
  • Control any number of devices at the same time
  • For laboratory equipment from all manufacturers
  • 1 year support with new versions of labworldsoft® 6 Pro
  • Supports labworldsoft® server
  • Supports the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11

labworldsoft® 6 Visc

  • Application for viscosity measurement
  • For all IKA ROTAVISC viscometers
  • For thermostats and pH measuring equipment from all manufacturers
  • Supports labworldsoft® server
  • Supports the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11

License extension

  • Latest version of labworldsoft® 6
  • Support for current software version
  • Continuously expanded equipment library
  • Latest functionalities

Try it free-of-charge

You can try out labworldsoft® 6 Pro free of charge for 30 days: During this time you'll have access to the entire equipment library with over 700 laboratory devices and all functions for your new laboratory. There's absolutely no obligations. At the end of your 30-day trial period, you can decide to keep using one of our licenses, otherwise your access right will simply expire.

Try it free for 30 days!

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