Dry Block Heater

Dry Block Heater 1 Dry Block Heater 1
Price USD 1,075.00
Ident. No. 0004025101
Dry Block Heater 2 Dry Block Heater 2
Price USD 1,184.00
Ident. No. 0004025201
Dry Block Heater 3 Dry Block Heater 3
Price USD 1,417.00
Ident. No. 0004025301
Dry Block Heater 4 Dry Block Heater 4
Price USD 1,559.00
Ident. No. 0004025401
Dry Block Heater
IKA offers an exemplary and diverse range of dry block heaters designed to accommodate various interchangeable heating blocks. They provide precise temperature control for reproducible results. These digital block heaters are ideal for melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture media tests, coagulation tests, blood urea- nitrogen determinations and in situ hybridizations. In addition, these dry block heaters are also designed for the precise heating of PCR tubes, PCR strips, microcentrifuge tubes, microplates and cuvettes.