Frequently Asked Questions - Dispersers

What does ”continuous operation“ mean for dispersers? Are 4 hours OK?
4 hours equates to continuous operation! A further particle size reduction with rotor-stator systems does not happen after more than 15 mins. Only heat (due to friction) is transferred into the medium. For the drive itself, continuous operation is not a problem.

Due to the technical data, the ambient temperature of a disperser is 5 – 40 °C. What can be done, if the sample requires higher temperatures?
The prescribed ambient temperature of 5 – 40 °C is only valid for the drive. Of course, it is possible to work in mediums with higher temperatures, e.g. a dispersing element with ”N“ (PTFE) bearing can be used in mediums up to 180 °C.

Is it possible to disperse an abrasive material such as sand, glass or similar material?
In general, it is possible to disperse abrasive material, but a frequent change of the bearing is necessary. In addition, the shaft and spindle can wear off very quickly under these conditions.

Is it possible to disperse frozen samples?
Yes, in general this is possible if the sample is treated in some liquid. However, it is not possible to work with liquid nitrogen.

The teflon seal (PTFE) of my dispersing element is ripped. Can a new one be ordered?
Those PTFE parts are slotted and it is not a defect. They are used as a bearing. However, a new seal may be ordered from the spare parts list.

How often can we use disposable dispersing elements for the T 10 basic, T 18 basic and T 25 digital?
The disposable dispersing tools are designed for single use only.

Does IKA offer high pressure dispersers?
Yes, it is possible to work under a pressure of up to 6 bar with dispersing tools having ”KV“ in their product description. IKA also offers High Pressure Homogenizer system.

How does one avoid foam generation during dispersing?
To avoid this scenario, a ULTRA-TURRAX® disperser with “KV“ tools are recommended. These tools are closed systems, which avoid the generation of foam.

The ULTRA-TURRAX® dispersing elements should not run dry. Does that mean that the bottom bore hole has to be in the medium?
Yes, the circulation hole should be in the medium on all accounts. This is the only way to guarantee the optimum cooling effect on the bearing.

Which is the right dispersing tool to crush vegetables and fruits? How should one clean this properly (sterile)?
The new Saw Tooth (ST) dispersing tools and a T 50 digital with cutting head S 50 N - W 65 SK would be suitable for this application. This tool can be cleaned. e.g. with acetone or every commonly used sterilization method.

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