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Decomposition Systems

AOD 1 Decomposition system AOD 1 Decomposition system
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Ident. No. 0008801301
C 7030 Venting station C 7030 Venting station
Price USD 3,647.00
Ident. No. 0003013300
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C 5030 Venting station C 5030 Venting station
Price USD 2,731.00
Ident. No. 0007198000
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C 48 Oxygen station C 48 Oxygen station
Price USD 3,506.00
Ident. No. 0001560000
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AOD 1.3 Protection device AOD 1.3 Protection device
Price USD 4,308.00
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AOD1.2 AOD1.2
Price USD 5,026.00
Ident. No. 0003348000
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C 1.30 Venting station C 1.30 Venting station
Price USD 3,325.00
Ident. No. 0004500900
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C 6030 Venting station C 6030 Venting station
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Decomposition Systems
The IKA AOD 1 decomposition system performs oxidative decompositions of solid and liquid organic samples under pressure in a closed system.

An absorption solution is placed in the digestion vessel, where the halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine) and sulphate are collected. A precise quantitative analysis of sulphur and halogens can be performed using ion chromatography, ISE, photometry or titration.

The vessels are made of a high alloyed steel, which is especially highly resistant against chlorine.

The decomposition vessels inner-walls have been treated in a way, so that a special self-regenerating catalytic surface is present, which provides exceptionally high recovery rates of 98-100% and typical decomposition times of 2 to 3 minutes.

Among others, the decomposition method is described in the following standards:
DIN 51727, DIN EN 14 582, EPA Method 5050, ASTM D808, ASTM E775, ASTM E776, ASTM D3761, ASTM D4208
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