IKA Calorimeters
C 200
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Price On Request
Ident. No.: 0008802501
IKA Calorimeters
C 200
Price On Request
Price On Request
Ident. No.: 0008802501

C 200

C 200-System consists of the following components:
Measuring cell C 200
Decomposition vessel C 5010
Oxygen filling station C 248
Consumables for calibrations and installation

Space-saving and low cost combustion calorimeter for determing gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples.

Validation according to DIN 51900,ISO 1928, ASTM D240, ASTM D4809, ASTM D5865, ASTM D1989, ASTM D5468, ASTM E711.

Suitable for teaching and training, as well (f.e tecnical- schools, universities) and for industriell laboratories with less analyses..

Manual handling for water and oxygen filling.

Four different working methods, isoperibolic, dynamic, manual, time controlled makes possible an ideal adjustment of different operating tasks.

Clear and easily explained display which is simply to use .

With an external power pack, "world tension useable" from 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. The operating voltage of the calorimeter is 24 V DC low- voltage.

Friendly in aftersales

Manual ( teaching mode): ignition and end of the measurement will be done by the operator himself; the temperature increase will be indicated at the display each minute.
All calculations have to be done manually.
At the other three modes ignition and calculation of the gross calorific value will be done automatically.
The gross calorific value will be shown on the display. Acid corrections and calculations of the net calorific value have to be done manually.

The modes have different measuring times:
Isoperibolic: approx: 17 min.
Dynamic : approx. 8 min
Manual : approx. 17 min
(depend on the operator)
Time controlled : 14 min

The decomposition vessel can be equiped in to use an combustible crucibles C 14
(accessory C 5010.4 attachment is neessary)

User-friendly software C 6040 Calwin for controlling the calorimeter and administration of measuring data (asseccory). Transfer of the datas to Excel or Word are possible
Up to eight IKA measuring cells can be controlled by a single PC, using a multiserial plug in card PCI 8.2 (accessory)

Scope of delivery
  • C 200
  • C 5010 Decomposition vessel, standard
  • C 248 Oxygen filling station
  • Ignation adapter
  • C 200.1 Measuring cup 2000 ml
  • Water emptying hose

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