IKA Bioreactors
HABITAT cell cct
Price On Request
Price On Request
Ident. No.: 0010007573
IKA Bioreactors
HABITAT cell cct
Price On Request
Price On Request
Ident. No.: 0010007573

HABITAT cell cct

The HABITAT cell cct control tower package is particularly suitable for HABITAT’s cell culture applications and is used to monitor and control the bioprocess. It includes the control unit with all connection options for gas supply, liquid addition, sensors and temperature control as well as a tablet for easy and clear operation of the bioreactor. In addition to the HABITAT cell package, you have the option of connecting CO2, conductivity and turbidity sensors.

Control and monitoring
The bioprocess and all associated test parameters can be easily controlled and monitored via the tablet attached to the control unit and with the help of the intuitive and easy-to-use software. Depending on the type of cultivation, you can choose between the operating modes batch, fed-batch and perfusion/continuous. The new Chaotic Mixing function ensures faster and more effective mixing when required. The 10.4-inch tablet allows direct access to all actuators directly on the main screen. A clear calibration management, a diagram overview and the complete documentation of the process round off the operation. A software version that meets FDA CFR Part 11 requirements is available as an option.

Gas supply
Built in mass flow controllers for 4 separate gas lines (for N2, O2, air and CO2) ensure precise, individually adjustable gassing, ideally tailored to the needs of your cells. Flow rates of 0-2000 cc/min can be achieved.

Liquid supply
4 integrated Watson Marlow pumps, adjustable in direction and speed, give you the variability to pump in and pump out different liquids (like acid, base, anti-foam agent, feeding solutions).

HABITAT cell cct enables the measurement of the following parameters by means of sensors:
• pH
• DO (dissolved oxygen)
• temperature
• filling level
• foam
• CO2
• conductivity
• turbidity

Temperature control
The constant and precise temperature control during the cultivation is guaranteed by the heating sleeve, which is adapted to the respective vessel size. (Heating sleeve is included with the HABITAT cell vessel package).

All features at a glance
  • compact, space-saving design, dimensions: 223 x 402 x 450 mm (WxDxH)
  • large tablet for clear operation (10,4 inch)
  • intuitive, easy-to-use software with a lot of functionalities.
  • 4 integrated fast-load pumps (Watson Marlow)
  • connectivity: USB, PC, RS232, ethernet, external signal input, external pump, single-use unit, thermostat
  • data storage
  • gas supply with 4 built-in mass flow controllers: e.g. for O2, Luft, N2, CO2
  • Status LED display: direct error display by indicator light

Note: Only a control tower package and the separately available vessel package make up a functional unit.

Scope of delivery
  • HABITAT Cell CCT S099
  • Tablet with software für Bioreactor
  • HA.pl S099
  • H 11 (EURO)

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