iF Design Award for heated circulating bath HBC 5

/// The new IKA HBC 5 heated circulating bath has won the 2015 iF Design Award in the

The panel of judges, made up of experts from around the world, awarded its coveted seal of approval to winners selected from almost 5000 entries submitted from 53 countries.

The panel was impressed with the ergonomic design of the HBC 5, which improves safety when using the temperature control instrument. Recessed molded handles and a transport handle ensure that the device is easy to transport, while the intuitive menu navigation and ergonomic push buttons as well as rotary knobs make the HBC 5 easy to operate. It meets the most stringent safety standards, just like all IKA temperature control instruments: the device has safety classification III (FL) for use with flammable liquids, in accordance with DIN 12876.

The HBC 5 is the first heated circulating bath to feature a removable wire-less controller (WiCo). The WiCo allows the user to check and control all key parameters from distances of up to ten meters (3 feet).

The heated circulating baths are available in two sizes, the HBC 5 (5-7 li-ters) and HBC 10 (8-13 liters), each of which is available in "basic" and "control" versions. Even the basic version offers more features than most temperature control instruments of similar design — including the infinitely adjustable pressure and suction pump as well as the option to connect external temperature sensors. The control versions additionally offer ten program slots where one can store individual temperature ramps for automated processes. These models achieve higher levels of tempera-ture consistency and are equipped with pumps that are more powerful than the basic versions. The control models can also reach higher maximum temperatures.

The functional and aesthetic design of IKA products is the result of ongoing attention to technology and work flow processes. Numerous awards attest to the company's claim of developing exceptional technology, high-quality products and functional designs — as is the case with the disposable milling system Tube Mill control and the LR 1000 laboratory reactor; both have been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2013. In addition, the LR 1000 laboratory reactor received a "Special mention for exceptional design quality" from the German Design Council in the 2015 award competition.

The iF Design Award, founded over 60 years ago, is recognized worldwide as a leading award for exceptional design. The annual competition is organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH.

Thermostats are precise temperature control systems for any laboratory application.

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