The Magnetic Stirrer for Scientist - Safety. Power. Intelligence

/// The RET® control-visc is the safest, strongest and most intelligent magnetic stirrer in its class

The Magnetic Stirrer for Scientist - Safety. Power. Intelligence

The RET® control-visc is the safest, strongest and most intelligent magnetic stirrer in its class

The remarkable technical functions of the new IKA® magnetic stirrer RET® control-visc have been developed for demanding applications. The unit mainly focuses on three core competences: 1. Safety, 2. Power, 3. Intelligence
This is made possible by

  • using high performance electronic components,
  • intelligent heating technology,
  • a motor designed specifically for a variety of applications, including high viscosity fluids
  • high quality standards applied during the production process

With the unique structure of the composite heating plate the RET® control-visc minimizes the loss through eddy currents when heating and stirring. The integrated high-tech insulation optimizes the heat transfer into the medium by minimizing thermal losses. The built-in heating foil ensures an even temperature allocation on the heating plate.

RET® control-visc with high-quality stainless steel heating plate surface
The stainless steel surface of the composite heating plate enables the most efficient heat transfer into the medium and results in the fastest possible heating of the sample.

RET control-visc white with ceramic coated heating plate
The RET® control-visc white offers a ceramic coated heating plate. The white surface helps to recognize color changes of fluids in a glass vessel.

The RET® control-visc offers excellent safety features.
The device comes with a coated and sealed housing which protects liquids from entering into the magnetic stirrer. Overheating is prevented by several integrated technical features. In the case of a malfunction, the device shuts down automatically and shows the error code on the TFT display. The integrated safety features also allow for an unsupervised operation of the RET® control-visc.

Sealed housing to protect motor and display
In case of a liquid overflow a built-in drainage protects the electronic components of the device.

Three temperature safety protection features
Set temperature for sample heating, adjustable safety circuit to avoid overheating of the heating plate, and overheating protection of internal components.

Safe operation
A lock function can prevent changes of set values.

Three components provide for an extraordinarily powerful magnetic stirrer: 1. high performance EC motor with 12W output, 2. high performance internal transformer providing efficient power, 3. composite heating plate with minimal eddy current losses. The unique structure of the insulated heating plate results in faster heating than other magnetic stirrers.

Easy operation with user-friendly display
The RET® control-visc continues the user-friendly tradition of operating the unit with two rotating knobs. They enable the easy and direct change of the most important parameters on the display menu. The high-resolution display has easy to understand icons that allow for simple navigation through the menu, as well as allow for adjusting display settings, using the weighing or torque trend measurement functions, or changing the display language.

The heart of the RET® control-visc is the ARM micro controller which is also used in smart phones and tablets. The use of the ARM micro con-troller technology provides the intelligence of simple navigation, firm-ware update possibility, weighing and torque trend measurement.

An integrated and patented weighing function enables performing simple weighing tasks without taking the sample off the device. The weighing capacity is up to 5000g.

Torque trend measurement
Viscosity changes in the medium can be measured by using a torque measurement device. The results can be depicted on the display.

Keep your device software up-to-date with the integrated firmware update function. You can update through the USB interface of the stirrer and your PC. By using labworldsoft® and the RS 232 interface of the device, you can control the RET® control-visc and its many functions.


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