Temperature Control – the new KS 3000 i control and KS 3000 ic control incubator shakers!

/// The IKA shaker family has two new additions: KS 3000 i control and KS 3000 ic control incubator shakers. These innovatively designed, compact incubator shaker allow for safe, unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment.

The large LED display shows the speed, temperature and time settings. A circulation fan ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed and that no condensate forms on the surface. In addition, the wide range of attachments allows vessels of almost any size and shape to be used. Furthermore, the PID controller enables the use of an external PT1000 temperature sensor, thus allowing for more precise temperature control. The KS 3000 ic control also features a built-in cooling coil for connection to an external cooling unit.

Our R&D team made sure that user safety was a top priority during the design process.  When the hood is lifted, the shakers will stop. In addition, the units also switch off automatically in the event of overheating, forceful impact or blockages. Finally, an antimicrobial coating protects the controls against contamination.

Both incubator shakers can be operated unattended in a temperature-controlled environment. All parameters can be controlled and tests can be documented using labworldsoft® software via RS 232 and USB interfaces.



For a complete listing of IKA shakers, please click here.








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