Red Dot Design Award for Two IKA Shakers

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Both products were only brought to market in the previous year. 1994 participants from 56 different countries entered 4928 products for the competi-tion. These products were evaluated by the international jury based on the criteria of level of innovation, functionality, technical quality, ergonomics, durability, symbolic and emotional content, product peripheral equipment, clarity of function and impact on the environment.

The IKA overhead stirrers Eurostar 40 digital, along with the Eurostar 200 con-trol, the T 10 basic and T 25 digital homogenizers and the patented batch grind-ing system UTTD control, already received a Red Dot Award in 2012. In 2013, the LR 1000 laboratory reactor won the coveted award.

The Trayster rotates at 5 to 80 rpm and uses a vertical rotation motion. For this reason, the Trayster is ideal for mixing biological samples such as blood gently and effectively. Powder and liquid samples up to 50 ml in volume are separat-ed or mixed in Eppendorf or Greiner tubes. Up to three different attachments are available to equip the Trayster for various applications.
The Roller digital mixes the contents of tubes with a gentle rocking and rolling movement. Due to the easily removable rollers, the product is cleaned quickly if samples spill. The roller is robust and suitable for continuous operation. A spe-cial feature is its side panel which prevents the samples from sliding off. The IKA roller shakers are available as "Roller 6" and "Roller 10" models, each in a basic and digital version.

About The Red Dot Award (
The "Red Dot" is internationally recognized as one of the most coveted seals of quality for outstanding design. Since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has marked outstanding international product design with its famous dot. The award covers designs from fashion and accessories to consumer electronics, right through to vehi-cles, household aids and furniture. Currently, manufacturers and designers of various industrial products can put themselves forward for the Red Dot in 31 categories.


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