Product Discontinuation of Calorimeter Systems C 2000 and C 5000

/// IKA is ceasing the production of its calorimeter systems C 2000 and C 5000 by the end of the year 2017

With the market launch of the calorimeter models C 6000 isoperibol and C 6000 global standards in 2013 IKA has set new benchmarks in calorimetry: comprehensive standard conformity, a high degree of automation, safety and operator convenience were crucial for the product development.

After the two C 6000 models have been established successfully, the transition period during which the predecessor models C 2000 and C 5000 were still available will end. Technical developments require to finally discontinue the proven calorimeter systems C 2000 and C 5000. IKA will permanently cease the production of the two models on December 31, 2017. Until then customers still have the opportunity to purchase new units out of these series.

Proven functionalities and measuring methods are completely covered by the successor products. C 6000 isoperibol replaces the former C 2000 whereas the C 6000 global standards replaces C 5000. Like their predecessors, both new models are available as standard or halogen resistant version.  

The IKA sales team is looking forward to showing you our calorimeter portfolio or setting up a demo device at the customer’s site free of charge.

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